The Larry King UFO Interview


                Recently on the Larry King show there was a four man panel, discussing UFOs that allegedly made some of our nuclear missiles go off line. What I mean by ‘off line,’ is this. During the cold war, nuclear missiles were underground in silos, in various parts of the country. They were at the ready, meaning that a green light was lit up on the control panel, assuring that the missiles could launch. Technicians would monitor the control panels 24/7. According to the Larry King interview, a UFO, that was seen on radar and also by military eyewitnesses, flew over the installation and somehow, disabled ten of the missiles, in their silos. One of the men on the King show, who was a technician, reported that sometimes one of the missiles would go red, or off line, and, in rare instances two missiles, but to have ten go down, all at once was out of the question. The men also spoke of a government cover up – gee there’s something I haven’t heard before. Another of the men who was an Air Force Photographer, claimed that a UFO had flown around one of the test missiles launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He elaborated, “Our missile was travelling at around 8 thousand miles an hour. The film I shot showed a UFO coming into the frame hovering over the nose of the missile, and firing a beam of light at the nose cone, where the nuke was stored. Then the UFO flew to the side and fired another burst of light and then it darted out of the picture, all of this taking place while our missile is travelling at 8 thousand MPH. It was like our bird was standing still and the UFO danced around it.

          Another of the men on the panel said that other governments had experienced the same ‘violation’ of their airspace. In other words UFOs had disabled Soviet weapons systems during the cold war. 

         What I find of interest, in this interview, is that a serious dialogue concerning this ongoing aerial phenomena is beginning to take place. Below is the link to the King interview. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The Larry King UFO Interview

  1. “What I find of interest, in this interview, is that a serious dialogue concerning this ongoing aerial phenomena is beginning to take place…”

    Yes! Finally! And, as was noted earlier in the interview, there has been no investigation of the issue in 40 years. This attention is lonnng overdue. Let us hope the forward momentum continues onward and grows toward a real resolution this time, and that we who fight for disclosure be wary of the official tricks, ploys and maneuvering that succeeded in suppressing public acknowledgement generations ago. We mustn’t allow it to happen again. I applaud Larry King and CNN for having the cojones to stand up and present the facts. When the info-dam finally breaks, they’ll be able to say, and rightly so, “you heard it here first!”

  2. I have Bell’s Palsy and enjoy your blog very much. First time I’ve commented, but have been reading here and there.
    Great blog. I enjoy reading it every chance I get and value your opinions!

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