Bible Codes and the War in the Middle East

           Before I launch into this post I want to give you a caveat, a warning. I don’t endorse the Bible Code. I do, however find this particular Bible code, of interest. It was Emailed to me by someone named Kirk, who had listened to one of my radio shows. A little back-story first.

           The Bible Code alleges, that there are secret messages encrypted in the Torah, the first 5 books of the Bible. The way one access the code is to start with a phrase or word, like CHICAGO, then skip a certain number of letters in the text and see where and how many times the word appears. Often there will be a matrix of other words that, like a game of scrabble, are attached to the  main word. Before the computer age this was done, by counting the letters by hand. Needles to say, this was painstakingly slow. These codes can now be accessed by computer and thus, we have the modern Bible Codes that have piqued the interest of so many people.

            The post, that I received, gives two prophecy’s from the Bible code. The first, discusses a plane hitting the Sears Tower in Chicago. The second, speaks of a chemical attack in Israel, resulting in the Israeli’s retaliating, by using there nuclear arsenal and destroying Damascus. For some of you who have read my book, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, you know that I speak about a two prong attack that will hit the USA and Israel simultaneously. (This is why I found the Bible code so interesting and it is why I’m commenting on it today) Added to this, according to this Bible Code prophecy, is that it will happen on the 9th of Av. This date is significant because that is the precise day, in which the first temple was destroyed, by the Babylonians. The second temple, destroyed by the Romans centuries later, occurred on the same day, the 9th of Av. It is also the date that the Nazi’s began to exterminate the Jews in Treblinka, one of the first concentration camps set up in WW2. This is a day of mourning for the Jewish people and many fast and pray during the period of days that lead up to the 9th of Av.

             A few months back there was an interesting post from the Israel’s telling the Syrians, “That if you use chemical weapons against us we will annihilate you.” We see in the news just last week that this is precisely what is happening. Hezbollah may have acquired the chemicals, from North Korea, to build chemical weapons. These would be used to retrofit the existing Katusha rockets that they have. Here are two links that discuss this.

             If this prophecy from the Bible Code is true then we are in for devastating times. What I find sobering, is that this attack may foreshadow the Ezekiel War (Ez:38 & 39) that is NOT written in code, but is easily read and understood in today’s English. Below, I have provided a link to the story with the Bible code. Remember, I don’t in any way endorse the contents of the site or the man who wrote the code or the bible code itself. Read it and we’ll wait and see what happens…  Here’s the link, you be the judge…

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6 thoughts on “Bible Codes and the War in the Middle East

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  2. I am not a believer in the Bible codes either, but I have to say that this report definitely sent chills down my spine. I live in Chicago– I was born and raised here, and everything I love is in this city. All we can do is watch and pray that this doesn’t happen.

    We know that the end is near, and as a Christian, I know that my only hope is in my Lord Jesus Christ– He is the only one who can make things right, and I know one day soon, He will. I also know Chicago is not immune, but the level of evil that is perpetrated on a daily basis is increasing, and it makes me sad.

    God bless us and help us all.

  3. I have seen this guys site before…. he was claiming some attack in NY back in May 8 of this year or something like that would start the tribulation… since i live in NY I waited to see and nothing happened…. I have also seen a bunch of other dates after that one that basically discredits this guy… but hey u never know I guess…

  4. The 9th of August, which is this week. We’ll see what happens….AS RJ says this guys been wrong before. I find it interesting because it mirrored what I had written in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural.

  5. Well tomorrow is the day, so we’ll see soon enough. I’ve checked out that site, and it seems that whenever some sort of prediction fails to come to pass, he proclaims it as a victory of prayer staying the hand of God– never that he was wrong. Of course I hope this one doesn’t pan out.

    By the way, Lynn, I’ve read your book something like FIVE TIMES, and yes this does mirror the things you wrote about. There are a lot of things happening right now that mirror the things in your book– if anyone out there hasn’t read it yet, I definitely recommend it.

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