Ghosts… what are they?

       I was on a radio program called DRY WIND yesterday. Here’s the link if you’re interested in checking it out below. We covered a lot of ground on the show and it should post in a couple of days.

       Daryl Johnson, the host, asked me what I thought of ghosts. I realize that there are many people today who are obsessed with ghosts and other so called spiritism. There are television shows that are dedicated to supposedly contacting dead relatives. I’m reminded of Harry Houdini, the legendary magician who offered a reward if anyone could actually produce contact with the dead. Many mediums, channelers and fortune tellers tried to claim the reward, but none were successful. Houdini debunked them all.

      With lots of attention being focused on ghosts, there’s a television show called Ghost Hunters International, as well as mediums who are supposedly contacting the dead, what are we to think. Here’s some ideas to chew on.

       We are told,  in ancient texts, that a person who makes contact, with what is called a familiar spirit,  should be avoided. In other words a person who has opened themselves up to a familiar spirit, according to these texts, was inviting evil, into his or hers life. These ‘familiar spirits’ were malevolent. In the instances where people are seeing apparitions, or ghosts, what are they seeing? Is it the ectoplasm or restless spirit trying to contact us, as some would have us believe? Is this a familiar spirit? Here’s what I think. There is a case, that I refer to constantly about a demon possessed man that encounters a first century Rabbi, Yashua. When asked by Yashua, who is possessing him, the demons indwelling the man answer, “Legion, for we are many.” (That’s scary) Then Yashua commands them to come out of the man. The demonic spirits beg Yashua not to send them into the bottomless pit, but to allow the whole crew of demons to enter into a heard of pigs. Yashua allows this, and the demons then possess the pigs, who go bonkers and run over a cliff, into the sea below. Here’s what I glean from this. Demons need something to inhabit in order to manifest in this dimension. They can’t just interface with us at will. When someone dies in a tragic accident, or murder there is blood that is spilled from that victim. Does the violence and sudden death open some relay  point, in which the demonic can then assume the identity of the deceased? Does this provide the doorway for the demonic to interface with us? Thus the ‘spirit’ of ghost re-enacts or haunts the area where the accident, murder was committed and blood was spilled. While this is only a theory it establishes the concept that what were are calling ghosts may be, demons masquerading, as the people who’s life was suddenly taken from them.

5 thoughts on “Ghosts… what are they?

  1. This theory seems quite believable. So, these mediums could already be possessed by a demon or allow a demon to possess them and during a seance, they are really contacting a masquerading demon directly. This explains why people would believe that a seance is successful.

    I really enjoy this website. I found it through a link on the forum. It also has the links to the Coast to Coast with George Noory that you were on. This was probably the best show I have ever heard.

  2. I don’t agree with that….only because we humans want/need an excuse, somthing we can use as a crutch, so to speak….It does not need to be demon it can be a spirit trying to make susceptible fallible people believe….believe what “they” want,them to believe…keping in mind that these susceptible people want to believe this in the first place…If you desperately want to believe something you can be accomodated to believe…anything…if you want to that is!

  3. Cool about Houdini…He could make such a bet because, being a 33 degree mason, he understood
    those secrets where normal people, those not in satanic fraternities, stay in the dark and are not told nether world secrets.
    Houdini, like the rest of the brotherhood, went to his grave knowing the truth, which cannot be revealed to us.

    Thanks for being there, L.A.

  4. Another facet of the familiar spirit is one that attaches to a person then passes down a FAMILY line at the death of the oppressed one. This would tend to result in similar sins being common in a family for generations. The Word mentions sins being passed down for generations for those that spurn God. This turning away opens a door.
    These demons are much older than any human could be on earth, so they can give knowledge to their host of things that happened in the past, making them appear psycic. Then lies from the past can be held more in respect than they might otherwise have been.
    Super Dave: For a while those Masonic ‘truths’ were for sale at a local used book store for $15.00. They dumped a lot of books that were not selling. There were 100’s of copies. All bought now. So much for ‘secrets’.

  5. It’s not Yahshua. It’s YESHUA. The Hebrew vowel under the yud is a tsere, not a kamatz or a patach. Yeshua is Aramaic, Yehoshua is Hebrew. There is no such name as Yashua.

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