The Winds of War… Hitler and The Occult.

Herman Wouks’ masterpiece, The WInds of War, chronicling the beginning of World War Two was not only a best seller, but was made into a televsion mini series. It is a wonderful literary work, with one exception… it never delves into the spiritual forces that are controlling Adolph Hitler and driving the Third Reich, into the living hell that is war. It’s almost as if, this is a taboo area. Wouk, and others who have ventured to bring about an explanation, for the madness that was the Third Reich, won’t delve into the supernatural. Dr. Stan Montieth, of Radio Liberty has often said, on his shows (I’ve heard him say it many times in our interviews together) “That unless a person understands the supernatural, he has no idea of what is going on in the world today.” I would agree with Dr. Stan. Are there unseen forces that have direct contact with individuals who carry out their nefarious plans? Were these same forces behind the death camps of WW2, that systematically snuffed out the lives of over 6 million people? I recently had a brief conversation with a man who served in Hitler’s Germany during the war. When I asked him about his service, the frist thing that sprang from his mouth was, “We didn’t like Hitler!” OK… and now that my B.S. meter has pegged into the red, I asked if he would consider doing an interview. He replied, “All of that was years ago… it’s water under the bridge.” I then asked if I could pose one question to him. He nodded an affirmative. I asked, “In my research I have found references to Hitler being involved in occult practices, is that true?.” The man got this far away look and slowly nodding his head answered, “Yes, you could say that.”  I wonder what he knows? I wonder what I would learn, if this former Nazi would sit down for a full interview. 


   Here’s some food for thought. It is an historical fact that the Mufti of Jerusalem embraced the ideology of the Nazi party. It also an historical fact that he was virulently Anti-Semitic. Do the winds of war that are blowing through the Middle East, find their source in the ideology and occult practices of the Third Reich? Is the ranting of Mahmoud Amedinejhad toward Israel the fruit of this? When we stop and examine the historical fact, that in the closing days of WW2, trains that held Jews headed toward the death camps were given priority on the rails, which begs the question, why this almost diabolical obsession, with the destruction of the Jewish race?

We are also told of the mysterious FOO fighters that appeared in the skies over Germany in the closing days of the war. Did the deliberate murder of innocents open a dark portal that let in forces that are still working today? Is there a link to the attempted annihilation of the Jews by Hitler and his henchman, to the words of Ahmedinejhad, “that Israel is a cancer soon to be irradiated?” Are these the winds of war…?

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