Where Do Aliens Come From

 IN 2003, a small independent film crew, consisting of one man who wore the combined hats of Director, Producer, Cameraman & Lighting Director, filmed me at my home. The purpose of his visit was to create a video, that discussed the UFO phenomena, from a Christian perspective. I was only too happy to oblige, as there are not many opportunities to convey the message in a church setting, as most churches won’t let you in their front doors, deeming the subject to controversial. On the other hand venues like MUFON are off limits because I have a Christian world view.  I suppose it doesn’t matter that reported sightings of UFOs world wide, which I believe, are all part of the mix are burgeoning. And then there’s the words of the Master himself, who says explicitly, “As in the days of Noah so it will be when the Son Of Man returns.” Now this enigmatic passage begs the question, what differentiates the Days of Noah, from any other time, in history. In my opinion, it is the presence – manifestation – of the fallen angels, the ‘son’s of God.’ A careful study of Genesis 6, should refresh your memory if you’ve forgotten the story. The short of it, is this. The fallen angels appear, have sex with the females, creating the Nephilim, a demonic hybrid, which result in the flood. OK, that’s a lot to swallow, and it certainly is one of the most bizarre stories in the Bible. Nevertheless, my Nephilim Trilogy, although a fictional work, explores this, as well as the non fiction tome, Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. The centrality of all four works is to hammer home that these so called extraterrestrials, or aliens, are in fact the very thing that the Master warned us of two thousand years ago. They’re back and as the video relates, “there not giving us the cure for cancer.” Here’s the link to the video…. enjoy! You’ll find yourself at a BLOG, Above Top Secret. Scroll down and you’ll see the video. Click and watch.


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Edgar Mitchell Follow Up…

             There has been lots of conversation and a flurry of emails across my desk regarding the recent remarks by former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. Here are some poignant questions…

        Why has he waited until now to come clean about the information? Was he given an ‘all clear’ sign by higher ups? Is this part of the burgeoning revealing, of the so called extraterrestrial presence? Are we nearing a time when this revealing will take place? With France, the UK, Belgium, and Mexico revealing some of their UFO files are we looking a full disclosure, in the near future?

                 I listened to the entire interview that was conducted on KARANG Radio, in the UK. Here are some of my thoughts. Mitchell said that governments, of the world have deliberately covered up the UFO phenomena for years. He then stated, that there is now more of an open minded approach regarding them. The days of being threatened for passing on information, or discussing UFOs publicly were gone. He said that UFOs are a real phenomena, that the Roswell crash of 1947 happened, and that we have had lots of E.T. contact. Mitchell went out of his way to assure his audience that UFOs were real, and he went on the record by saying that the aliens looked like the grays which most people have come to recognize as popularized in movies and television.

              I recently was on a radio program, in which the host negated what Mitchell said, citing the high prices of his books on his web site, and that he was only it for the  money. I have no way of knowing what Mitchell has seen, regarding UFOs, and cannot judge his motives. That being said, if we give Mitchell the benefit of the doubt, and embrace his story as truth, then it truly is a ground breaking moment.

           What I encountered from the host, was a healthy dose of skepticism. But can being a skeptic go to far? When Columbus found the ‘New World,’ the prevailing mind set of his time, was that the world was flat! How did Columbus’s friends react when he returned and declared that he had found a new world? Did they mock him, when he insisted that the world wasn’t flat, that it was round? The analogy is applicable here, because there are people who refuse to admit that there is something going on, regarding what is being seen in the skies. There is an abundance of trace evidence regarding, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and those who have been abducted and used in the so called breeding program. Before we can weigh in on wether or not this phenomena is benevolent or malevolent, we first must admit that it exists. It is easy to sit in a dark lit, studio and rant into a microphone that UFO and aliens don’t exist, it’s another to refute the hundreds of eyewitness accounts, trace evidence and video & photographs. For some it will take a UFO hovering low, over a major city for hours in broad daylight to convince them that UFOs are real. When that happens skeptics will be out of excuses and will now have to deal with how this affects their world view. The purpose of this BLOG is to call attention to the UFO phenomena and declare that, in my opinion, it is of demonic origin. It is what I believe is the coming great deception, as I have indicated in other posts. Hundreds of years after Columbus’s voyage we are poised at another frontier, and there are those like those of Columbus day who insist that the world is flat. All truth goes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident…

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The Day After The Revaling…

The Revealing, is the title of the third book in my Nephilim Trilogy. Last week i covered the Edgar Mitchell story. I then promised a follow up and here it is. This is a fictional account taken from Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. I think you’ll find it interesting…

Imagine waking one Saturday morning, grabbing a mug of hot coffee, settling into your favorite easy chair, and using your remote to turn on the television. Imagine then staring in disbelief as reporters state that New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles have been attacked by what appears to be dirty bombs. News coverage shows thousands of terrified, fleeing people trying to get out of harm’s way. While you are watching, another “alert” interrupts the broadcast, and you see an aerial view of Chicago. The announcer explains that an explosion has just occurred, and it appears to be yet another terrorist attack. The scene changes again, and you notice that the newscaster looks pale. He reports that the combined forces of Iran, Syria, and possibly Chechnya and Russia, along with other nations, have attacked the nation of Israel. He cautions that reports are sketchy, but it appears that Israel has responded to the attack by using its nuclear arsenal. Your heart begins to race and you try to make a telephone call, but the lines are all jammed and you cannot get through. The day passes slowly, and reports from the Middle East indicate that there have been mass casualties sustained by the attacking armies. You watch as the first film of the area is shown. You see a black, scorched earth where the twisted remains of men and machines lay. The unthinkable has happened. You cover your face with your hands and weep. A day later something happens that you are not ready for. All the movies you have seen and books you have read still did not prepare you for what is happening. The television has been on all night, and you have slept in your easy chair, still in your pajamas from the day before. You stare at the picture on the television set and wonder if this is some sort of sick joke being played. You wonder if it is a ploy of the government. You ask yourself if what you are looking at could possibly be real. You see a place that you have seen before. You recognize it as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The camera pans back and above the dome. There are several craft. They are metallic looking, and the glint of the sun’s rays reflects off them. They appear to be motionless. The camera pans back to a nervous reporter, who says that these craft first appeared a short while ago. He also states that contact has apparently been made with the alien craft. The day goes by and the president of the Untied States addresses that nation. He has a special announcement. You listen as he explains that extraterrestrial craft have revealed themselves at this time and have chosen to intervene in our affairs because of the use of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. He elaborates saying that the ET presence is peaceful, but they will not allow us to destroy ourselves, because they take credit for our evolution, which is the reason they have revealed themselves at this crucial juncture in our history. He then explains that directly following his announcement the superior technology of the ET will take control of the world’s television airways, so that on all channels everywhere all the inhabitants of earth will see the message simultaneously. The broadcast begins with an aerial view of the parting of the Red Sea. The water has been heaped up on itself creating walls of water, which leave a dry strip of land in between. You watch as thousands of people begin to walk on dry land in between the standing waters, and you realize that this movie was not filmed in Hollywood…

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Former Astronaut says UFOs Real! Full Disclosure next?

            A while back the Vatican announced that if there were extraterrestrial life or E.T., then we should embrace him as our brother. Then last weekend, four, former Air Force personal, appeared on Larry King Live, (You can read my comments on this a few entries down) and announced that our government had been perpetrating a fraud and cover up, concerning the existence of UFOs. In this latest ‘coming out’, former astronaut and ‘moon walker’, Edgar Mitchell, informs us that UFOs exist, and that the extraterrestrials look like the little gray aliens with the black, slanted, eyes that have been weaved into the fabric of our culture, in the last decade or so. He also states that the UFO phenomena has been, “…well covered up by our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it’s leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.”       

        Is this the beginning of Full Disclosure of the so called extraterrestrial presence? UFO sightings have been increasing, in the last decade, and coupled with the recent Stephenville Texas sightings, by multiple witnesses, it begs the question, are we getting close to an ‘event?’ (You can see the numbers for yourself here http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/ndxevent.html)

       This cat and mouse game of disclosure has been going on since the Roswell crash of 1947. Jesse Marcell stated that he handled wreckage, from the debris field and showed it to his son and wife. Later, according to Marcell, General Ramey, his superior officer, switched the real wreckage with wreckage from a weather balloon. Then there’s the Air Force book that came out a few years ago, Roswell, Case Closed. The Air Force official explanation of the Roswell crash, according to the book, was that it was the material from a top secret program called, Project Mogul, the material that Marcell thought was a UFO, was a weather balloon. Adding insult to injury was, that the alien bodies, that were recovered from the crash site were actually manikins or crash-test-dummies. Stanton Friedman pointed out that the the crash dummies weren’t used until the early 50’s so there’s a few years discrepancies, between the Roswell crash of 1947 and the use of crash-test-dummies, in the early 50’s, but what does that matter, right?

           Then there’s the Phoenix lights? Former Governor Fife Symington, of Arizona, who at the time was Governor, when the ‘lights’ were seen, held a press conference and yucked it up, as someone dressed, as an alien ran onto the stage during the press conference. A decade later on Larry King Live he apologized to his former constituency, admitting publicly that he was in Phoenix, at the time, and he too, saw the UFO and it  was not anything of this world. Here’s the link to that story http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Story?id=2994569&page=1   

          Are we on the verge of Full Disclosure? More importantly, what will we do, say and think the day after…? How will it change our world view? I’ll address this topic on the MONDAY BLOG! in the meantime, have a great weekend.  

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The Alien Abduction Phenomena…

This month, in my news letter, I conducted an in depth interview with Dr. David Jacobs, who is a professor of  History, at Temple University, in Philadelphia. But what he is best known for is his work in the Alien Abduction Phenomena. He has interviewed hundreds of people, from all walks of life, that spans almost four decades. There might be some of you who are reading this and wonder, is this a promo for the new  X files movie? The short answer is NO! The work of Dr. Jacobs and others who have studied alleged abductees,  have made it clear that something sinister is happening to people, from every walk of life. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of what happens when an abduction occurs. Usually they happen in the night.

                You are lying in bed asleep, and you feel that someone is in the room with you. You awaken and are startled, as you see small, gray creatures, with large, almond shaped, eyes, standing around your bed. You find that you are paralyzed and cannot move. You try to scream, but find that your vocal cords won’t work. Your eyes dart toward your partner, who is sleeping soundly through all of this. You slowly levitate above your bed as these creatures guide you through a wall. You’re thinking that what just happened is impossible, but that is only the beginning. You are being floated through the air toward a large ship. You find yourself caught in a beam of light as you and your captors float into the underbelly of a ship. Next, you are on a cold, metallic table. You struggle to free yourself, but once again find that your limbs will not respond. A creature comes toward you. It is taller than the rest. It too has large almond shaped eyes. It leans forward so that those eyes are inches from your own. You stare into them and images explode in your mind. You feel something is happening, where your reproductive organs are. It is painful and you want to tell them to stop, but you can’t and the tall creature sets his hand on your forehead and you hear a voice inside your head, telling you that you have been ‘chosen,’ as everything goes black…

          You find yourself back in your bedroom again. It is morning, and you fell disoriented. You comment to your partner on what a strange dream you had last night. You try to shake it off, as a bad dream, but something nags at you, haunts you, in the depth of your soul. You go and shower and as the water cascades down your body and you are comforted by its warmth, you relax. It is then that you see the ‘scoop’ mark, in the inner thigh of your leg. A scoop mark that wasn’t there yesterday… and then you remember what happened and you realize it wasn’t a dream.

        This, of course, is a fictional account of AN ALIEN ABDUCTION, right out of my head, but the story is similar to what Dr. Jacobs has encountered with his work, on the abduction phenomena. Jacobs feels that the abduction phenomena is nefarious. The breeding program, that he now believes is the end game of the alien abduction phenomena,  has dark portents for the people on this planet.

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Alien Priest?!

In one of the first posts, on this BLOG, I discussed the new Indiana Jones movie and the implications it might have on us. The title of that piece was, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull… Entertainment or Propaganda?

            The article discussed the idea of the worlds religions, being started by extraterrestrial entities. This concept, that E.T.’s  were our progenitors, that they biologically manipulated us from ‘primitive’ man thousands of years ago, and that ‘they’ were responsible for starting the worlds religions, seems to be cropping up more and more these days, as illustrated by the Indiana Jones film. This idea is what I have dubbed, The coming great deception and the Luciferain end game, which is also the sub title of my newest book.

           The picture above is a graphic, mind-blowing, representation of what I believe is going to manifest soon on the earth. If it’s true, and we’re getting an ever burgeoning number of UFO sightings, that seems to bolster this idea. (here’s a link where you can check it out) 


How will this impact people of faith? How will the creation story of Genesis, or the miracles attributed to Moses and Jesus, be affected by a revealing of a so called extraterrestrial presence? At the bottom of this post, is a link to a very interesting article, that I found on RAIDERS NEWS UPDATE. ( you can link to them on the right side of this page) I’m going to quote a portion of the article…

 “Any discovery of extraterrestrial life would raise some challenging questions — about the origin of life on Earth as well as elsewhere, about the centrality of humankind in the universe, and about the creation story in the Bible,” said Connie Bertka, a Unitarian minister with a background in Martian geology who ran the workshops for the AAAS.    

              The above quote is food for thought. If my theory is proven true, that we are soon going to have E.T. reveal themselves, then how will this affect us? I believe that this is the coming great deception. I have stated this over and over again, on many radio interviews and I’ll state it again here, because I believe that it is the central point of the Luciferian, End Time agenda.

              Jesus himself states, “Even the Elect will be deceived, if that were possible.” In other words, what is coming on this earth is going to be so amazing, so mind-blowing, such a paradigm shift, that it will cause many people to loose their faith and run after the Alien Gospel, which is that E.T. is responsible for the evolution of mankind and started the religions of the world. Could this be the event that triggers the rise of the Antichrist? Could this lead to a great falling away as described in 2nd Thessalonians? Is this the impetus that starts the one world government and religious system spoken of in the Book of Revelation? Only time will tell… When you check out the link to NUFORIC, notice the steady increase of sightings from the 50’s until the present day… the data speaks for itself. 


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The Larry King UFO Interview


                Recently on the Larry King show there was a four man panel, discussing UFOs that allegedly made some of our nuclear missiles go off line. What I mean by ‘off line,’ is this. During the cold war, nuclear missiles were underground in silos, in various parts of the country. They were at the ready, meaning that a green light was lit up on the control panel, assuring that the missiles could launch. Technicians would monitor the control panels 24/7. According to the Larry King interview, a UFO, that was seen on radar and also by military eyewitnesses, flew over the installation and somehow, disabled ten of the missiles, in their silos. One of the men on the King show, who was a technician, reported that sometimes one of the missiles would go red, or off line, and, in rare instances two missiles, but to have ten go down, all at once was out of the question. The men also spoke of a government cover up – gee there’s something I haven’t heard before. Another of the men who was an Air Force Photographer, claimed that a UFO had flown around one of the test missiles launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. He elaborated, “Our missile was travelling at around 8 thousand miles an hour. The film I shot showed a UFO coming into the frame hovering over the nose of the missile, and firing a beam of light at the nose cone, where the nuke was stored. Then the UFO flew to the side and fired another burst of light and then it darted out of the picture, all of this taking place while our missile is travelling at 8 thousand MPH. It was like our bird was standing still and the UFO danced around it.

          Another of the men on the panel said that other governments had experienced the same ‘violation’ of their airspace. In other words UFOs had disabled Soviet weapons systems during the cold war. 

         What I find of interest, in this interview, is that a serious dialogue concerning this ongoing aerial phenomena is beginning to take place. Below is the link to the King interview. Enjoy!