Mothman Prophecies!

The Mothman Prophecies


There is a section in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural that is devoted to the Mothman prophecies. While researching it I was taken aback by how many sightings there were in different locations by different witnesses. I wondered if anything could be done to ‘overcome’ the fear that the Mothman instilled in those who were unlucky enough to encounter it. Both Travis Short from Black River films and Jeff Wamsley the author of Mothman, Behind the Red Eyes have commented that no one ever came away from seeing Mothman feeling good about it. Many of the witnesses have had their lives changed for ever and the change has not been a positive one. There are some of the witnesses, specifically Linda Scarberry’s ex husband that even today will not speak about the events that happened in 1966 – 67. To date he has refused all inquires for an interview. In some ways this helps establish that the witnesses were not making up the story for publicity, fame or money. Travis Short & Black River films have contacted the m an and so far he still remains adamant as far as not going on the record. His wife however was interviewed by Travis & Black river. When they escorted Scarberry to the site where she first saw the Mothman she was visibly shaken and this is decades later. Whatever it was that impacted her that night has drastically altered her life. Without going into specifics it has been a long slow downward path.

         I bring this up because another witness who did not originally go on the record as it were is mentioned in Wamsley’s book. I’m going to keep him anonymous for the time being as he is getting up in years and I don’t want lots of people pestering him. His story goes something like this. He came one evening and as he walked up the stairs to his home he and his wife were living in at the time, he felt a presence. It made him feel uneasy and when interviewed it still made him nervous to talk about it. He searched the house and even went down into the basement to make sure nothing was in the house. At around 10 that night he and his wife retired. Later he found himself walking from a sound sleep. At first he wondered why he was awake when he looked around the room he saw, much to his horror, the Mothman. He described it as being over six feet tall. He commented that he was memorized and unable to look away from the thing which standing at the foot of his bed. He remembers that this lasted about 45 seconds and then he began to think of scriptures in his head. As he did this he says it was like a slug – think a bullet here – “the Mothman just dissipated, not real fast but just sort of went into nothing.” What I find incredible here is that with all the witnesses who encountered the Mothman, this man was the only one who used what I would call a spiritual weapon. He was able to create an atmosphere that seemed to be inhospitable to the creature. This is extremely important and it is something to note for all of us. In one of the books of the Bible it says that, “Our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual taking down strongholds and every other evil works of the enemy.” Then the passage continues comparing our spiritual weapons to that of the Roman soldier. What is of note is that the only offensive weapon is the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. I find it fascinating that this man began to recite passages from the word and the result was victory over the thing that manifested in his room.

         The gentleman that I am referring to went on in the interview stating that it reminded him of when he was a missionary in New Guinea. “What I saw was physical but it had a spiritual application. I am putting a spiritual interpretation to this because I don’t know any other way to explain it. When I went to New Guinea for eight years to do missionary work, I discovered that they have a lot of things like that goes on over there. They have different names for the exact same thing that I experienced in different parts of the country and provinces. They believe in this type of thing more than people do in this country and it is very much a part of their lives. (From Wamsleys: Mothman, Behind the Red Eyes)

         In conclusion, what the good people of Point Pleasant experienced was not something that was invincible. In fact one man was able not only to stand his ground but seemed to be able to overcome it. If one of us encounters something like this, weather it is an unwanted visit from the nefarious ‘grays’ or Mothman let us use our weapons which are not carnal, but spiritual and defeat the enemy.