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The Supernatural Component to the Rising Antisemitism

Posted by lamarzulli on July 29, 2014

New HolocaustCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

We are looking at the beginnings of a Holocaust’


“Never before since the Holocaust, have we seen such a situation as today,” he said, referring to the continent-wide demonstrations by pro-Palestinian activists, a number of which have degenerated into violence and many of which have featured racist rhetoric. “We are potentially looking at the beginning of another Holocaust now.”

This past weekend I was speaking at the PITN Conference.  I was having lunch with Gary Stearman and we both were commenting that the world had reached an unprecedented tipping point, the rise of global antisemitism.  I said at the conference later that the tooth-paste was now out of the tube and can’t be put back in again.   Here are some links that back up what I am saying.  I’ll conclude today’s post at the end of the links…. L.A.

For the second time in just a few days messages of hate targeted members of South Florida’s Jewish community.


Gaza Crisis: Rome’s Historic Jewish Quarter Daubed with Swastikas and Anti-Semitic Posters


Rising tide of anti-semitism in Britain as Jewish people face backlash over bloodshed in Gaza


Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn’t violate ‘community standards’


The New Anti-Semitism?

(This is an antisemitic site He won’t have me on his show because of my stance with Israel)


The rise of antisemitism has a spiritual component to it, period.  It makes no sense whatsoever.  Why the rabid hatred of the Jews?  The answer, in my opinion, is very simple and crystal clear.  It is because they are God’s chosen people and the messiah came from the root of Jesse, the Jews, specifically from the tribe of Judah!  There’s no backpedaling from this, no twisting of the facts, like Hitler did.  There can be no stepping away from this undeniable fact.  Jesus was a Jew, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  This is why the hatred persists and is irrational.  Those who hate the Jew, do so because they do not know the living God of the Bible.  They have not accepted His Son.  They hate the Jews because they are being used as tools of the fallen one, even if they don’t realize what they are doing.

Last week someone sent me a letter trying to set me straight about the Jews.  This person insisted that the Jews were in control of Hollywood and the banking system. While it is true that Jewish people are in places of importance in these industries, he failed to mention the disproportionate amount of Jewish people who have won Pulitzer prizes.

The Jews make up less than 1/2% of the people on this planet, yet they have excelled  in all fields of science and medicine and because of this, their contributions to the world has netted them these awards.  http://judaism.about.com/od/culture/a/contribution.htm

I’ve stated this before and do so again now, that a strong case can be made that the Nazism did not die, it migrated to the Middle East.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Al Husseini, who some state is the father of modern-day terrorism was a contributor in the Hitlers Final Solution, the Holocaust.


The Grand Mufti has repeatedly suggested to the Nazi authorities – including Hitler, von Ribbentrop and Himmler – the extermination of European Jewry. … The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan… He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

The hatred of the Jews is taught in the schools, the madrassa’s of Islam.  The children are taught to hate the Jews and that the Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes.  We can’t erase this fact and yet much of our media won’t report this blatant vitriol against the Jews.

In closing todays post:  I could go on for thousands and thousands of words and perhaps my next book should cover the subject.  I touched on it in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural and The Cosmic Chess Match.  The world is showing its true colors, which is played out in the form of antisemitism, but in reality is a deep hatred of the God of the Bible.

The Fallen One wants to see every Jew destroyed, as Messiah came from the Jews and spelled the defeat of the Fallen Cherub on Cavalry, two thousand years ago.  Everything we see is playing out according to the prophecies of the Bible. With this in mind the Bible is clear, the Jews will never be removed from the land that the God of the Bible gave them, thousands of years ago, now that they have been gathered back into it. They are in the land of Israel for good and no amount of rocket fire or attacks from their hostile Arab neighbors will remove them from it.

Many Palestinians have been killed in this war and the media likes to keep score.  However, what the media neglects to tell the public is that Israel spent billions of dollars on the Iron Dome anti-missile system.  So far this sophisticated piece of modern warfare has intercepted  hundreds if not thousands of missiles.  http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iron-dome-1478407978

The bottom line is this.  Israel, knowing what HAMAS and Hezbollah is up to, chose to spend billions of dollars on defense and thus the casualties and killings of Israeli’s are down because Iron dome has shot the incoming missiles down.  If there was no Iron Dome the list of dead in Israel would be in the hundreds if not thousands.  Can we blame Israel for defending herself by spending billions on this system?  No, we can’t and this is why the “scoreboard” seems to paint a disproportionate picture.

HAMAS, lives for propaganda and they launch their missiles into Israel from schools, homes and hospitals.  They hate the Jews and if you were to sit some of these people down and ask them why they hate the Jews, they most likely could not give a good answer, once they get past the rhetoric they’ve been taught since childhood.

The rise of antisemitism is a clear indicator that we are in the last days.  Take a good look at the banner above.  This was rolled at half time, at an Egyptian soccer game.  The message is clear: One nation under a new holocaust.  Need I say more?


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Israel is Losing the Media War…. Goebbels Would be Proud.

Posted by lamarzulli on July 21, 2014

Israeli ProtestsCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

NOTE: Sometimes I go with an article or a post without vetting it the way I should.  This is what happened on last Thursday’s Acceleration Radio, when I read a speech that I thought was actually given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  I was misled as it was a speech by Allen West posting what Bibi should say!  I’m sorry for the confusion and will be more careful in the future.  However, West nailed it and like him I wish Netanyahu had given it!  

The link to the West story is below.  L.A.


This video I posted below happened in the USA.  WARNING: VERY Bad Language.  However, the reason I’m posting this is so we can hear the voice of hate for ourselves and not the filtered, sanitized version that the 6 o’clock news runs with.  We’ve all heard these words before but the hatred and implied violence behind it jolted me and I think it will jolt you too.  


HAMAS is winning the PR war and that is actually what it wants.  It fires rockets into Israel and then when Israel reacts, HAMAS cries genocide.  I received a piece of antisemitic hate mail yesterday in which the writer told me about the Jews who control hollywood and our media.  It’s always the Jews.  They are the world scapegoats.  I didn’t bother writing the guy back as people like him are the reason Hitler was able to conduct a Holocaust in the first place.  

Over the weekend there were demonstrations in Paris and London.  HAMAS knows how to stir its international sympathizers and create the press it seeks.  http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.606036

HAMAS is a terrorist organization,  but they know how to play the media game.  The demonstrations in Paris and France are the tip of the iceberg.  According to the article more Jews have left France than any other time since 1948.

In the first three months of 2014 more Jews left France for Israel than at any other time since the Jewish state was created in 1948, with many citing rising anti-Semitism as a factor.

Now, in Iraq, Christians are fleeing for their lives.  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/07/19/Christian-Holocaust-Underway-in-Iraq-as-USA-and-World-Looks-On

In a region where Christians predate Muslims by centuries, over one million Christians have been killed or have had to flee because of jihadi persecution, while America is basically standing by and watching. This is the sad news that Breitbart’s National Security Editor and one of the world’s leading experts on asymmetric warfare, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, brought to Breitbart News Saturday, hosted by Editor in Chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot Radio.

The troubling part for me is the guy in the video below.  He is acting like he owns the place, like what he says is law.  He is beyond arrogant, and in my opinion is little more than a thug.  It’s not coming here folks, it’s already here and the question is this, how long before we see the intolerance that is shown in Iraq towards Christians here?  Are you aware of the honor killings in this country that are al ready taking place?  Here’s a link: http://www.thedailybeast.com/witw/articles/2013/12/05/america-s-honor-killing-epidemic.html

In closing todays post.  What we are seeing is the rise of antisemitism that is beginning to look more and more like Hitlers Germany of 1938.  A case can be made that the hatred of the Jews migrated to the Middle East at the war’s end, with followers of Nazi idealism, like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who in my opinion, is the after of modern-day terrorism.  The people who march and yell do so because they have been taught from a very early age that the Jews are the descendants of pigs and apes.  They have been taught to hate.  This hatred is now become a pandemic and as I have stated in the past, there is a supernatural component to it.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem



Israeli Update


Dan Gordon

Dan Gordon PatrolThe international red cross asked for a cease fire so the dead and wounded could be tended to, bodies removed, injured taken to hospital.
Israel said yes to the cease fire, and Hamas immediately violated it.

Israel had hit the Saja’iyah neighborhood of Gaza and and hit it hard. Scores dead. Women and children amongst them. Survivors, justifiably crying out, “ What did we do to deserve this?!” And the horrible answer is , “ Nothing. You did nothing to deserve it. Hamas used you as human shields. It fired a hundred and sixty rockets from your neighborhood at Israel’s heartland. It riddled your neighborhood with tunnels, some of them, by all reports,  terrorist tunnels, leading under Israel’s border , built to murder and kidnap Israeli civilians; people just like you who only want to live in peace. You did nothing to deserve this. You’ve been betrayed and used by your own leaders in the most cynical way imaginable. And you didn’t even ask for these leaders. They seized power in a bloody coup by lining up your fellow Palestinians against walls and machine gunning them to death, by blindfolding and binding and pushing them off three story buildings.. If you dare to dissent they begin the interrogation by shooting your knee caps off. You didn’t deserve this. And neither did we.

This is a war. It is not a war of Israel’s choosing. In the days leading up to the aerial campaign which Israel initiated in response to constant and escalating rocket attacks from Gaza on it’s civilian centers of population,Israel has said repeatedly that it did not want an escalation let alone a war and that “ calm would be answered with calm”. In other words, “ don’t shoot at us and we won’t shoot at you”. That seems like a pretty straight forward enough request, and an easy one to implement if one’s interest is in saving lives instead of taking them.

Hamas’s answer was more rockets.

And still Israel’s answer was “ calm will be met with calm”.

But there wasn’t any calm. Instead there were more rockets, and more rockets still.

And so Israel answered with aerial attacks….ON DESERTED TRAINING CAMPS!!!

Let me say that one again. The government of Israel responded to Hamas rocket attacks that had millions of Israelis racing for bomb shelters, with aerial strikes on empty tents!

That was not because of faulty intelligence or near sighted pilots. It was to demonstrate to Hamas what Israel COULD do unless Hamas ceased it’s rocket attacks.

Hamas’s response? More rocket attacks, in greater numbers and over wider areas until it was no longer just the Southern border towns under attack but Israel’s equivalent of New York City and L.A. rolled into one. The rockets began falling in the greater Tel Aviv area.

Unlike past campaigns, in the face of similar provocations in 2009 and 2012, Israel did not immediately respond with a massive aerial attack on Gaza. There was no shock and awe. Instead there was a very, very slowly ratcheted up, less than proportional, response, in the hopes that by offering Hamas a way out of the escalating situation, it would take it.

It didn’t.

Israel responded now with aerial strikes that were far less than all out war.

Egypt proposed a cease fire.

The Arab League endorsed it.

Israel accepted it

Hamas gave their answer in the form of a new massive rocket assault and by sending in thirteen terrorists via an underground tunnel that went beneath the border with Israel and came up within a few hundred meters of an Israeli civilian farming community.

This was to be their shock and awe; to kill, maim and kidnap dozens of Israeli civilians.

Finally with no other recourse Israel launched a ground campaign.

Now we are at war.

And Hamas, like the boy who murders his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that he is an orphan, is crying fowl.

Hamas had long since turned the Saja’iyah neighborhood into a fortified center of terrorist attacks, armament workshops  and now we know, terrorist tunnels.

Prior to its attack, for days running, and referenced fully in earlier articles I have written, the IDF warned the residents of this neighborhood  of its intent to attack and urged them, for the safety of themselves and their families, to evacuate. It dropped leaflets to that effect. It followed up the leaflets with SMS and text messages, by actually calling the residents’ cell phones and through Arabic media, up until the very last moment urging people to flee for their lives

And Hamas’s response to those warnings? In the street and from the mosques, through every means of mass communication at their disposal, they told their people not to evacuate, to stay put.

Hamas’ has committed one of the vilest of all war crimes against it’s own people. It has used them as unwilling human shields.

So here was Israel’s choice. Attack a neighborhood used for attacking it’s own civilians, or permit it’s own civilians to be attacked.

An army, any army’s first responsibility is to protect it’s own people. Israel has fulfilled, albeit reluctantly, that first commandment.

Hamas has done the opposite. They have sacrificed their own people on the alter of their own greed for political power.

An Egyptian newspaper today, not an Israeli one, accused Hamas leaders of being liars, who live pampered lives, staying  in five star hotels and driving expensive luxury cars while they sacrifice their own peoples’ lives

And what did the Hamas spokesman say today? “ We will fight to the last drop of the blood of Gaza.”

Of course he meant to say “  To the last drop of the blood of others.”



 L. A. Marzulli on PITN!



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Syrian Atrocities!

Posted by lamarzulli on April 30, 2014

crucifixion2-1Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Jihadists operating in Syria have previously been accused of shooting people in the head, then affixing them to crosses. In this latest case, the ISIS charged the seven men with espionage and attempted assassination of the group’s leaders, according to Alrquaoui.


When George Bush declared Islam to be a religion of peace he forgot about the massacre of hundreds of thousands of non-Moslems throughout the centuries; but in all fairness  I could also make a case against the Catholic Church who murdered millions of people in the Inquisition and has never apologized for it.



The bottom line for me is this, we human beings are very intolerant of each other, so much so that at the slightest provocation we will kill someone who worships another god and do so with gusto!

What is happening in Syria is appalling and it would appear that any semblance of the rule of law, and the protection of minorities the rule of law would offer, has been trampled under the ongoing civil war.

On the eve of the Iraqi elections, suicide bombers made good their grizzly trade all over Baghdad and these killings, carried out in the name of Allah, are against other muslims who hail from the minority Shia sect, rather than the majority Sunni sect of Islam.  So the violence is Moslem against Moslem! http://news.yahoo.com/dark-days-baghdad-eve-iraqi-elections-173545165.html 

Christians are still perceived as crusaders in the Middle East.  There is a deep distrust that lingers from centuries of warfare and invading armies.  When the Brits and the French carved up the Middle East after WWI, and created the modern states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and what was then Palestine, they were meddling with century old tribal boundaries and rivalries.  These divers tribal and ethnic factions are what is causing the bloodshed in both Iraq and Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

When the Islamist took control of Egypt, Christians were immediately targeted and churches were burned.   http://www.cbsnews.com/news/attacks-on-christians-by-islamic-militants-rise-in-egypt/  Recently 683 former Egyptian were sentenced to death!  These men were part of the Morsi, Moslem Brotherhood government which attempted to create a Sharia governed state, but were overthrown by the people and the military,  but by then the damage had been done. http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/egypt-sentences-683-death-mass-trial-23494253

In closing todays post:  The Arab Spring continues to create instability and uncertainty in the region as the body count grows.  Coupled with this is the growing unification against the state of Israel.  War seems to be looming and this war will most likely be against Israel.  As I blogged about on Monday of this week the Holocaust is a grim reminder of how far mans inhumanity toward his fellow-man can go, whether Christian or Moslem….



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end time

In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

As America has done to Israel?



Sushi no more!



The end of the American Dream?









John Kerry





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And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech…

Posted by lamarzulli on March 24, 2014

ABorted Baby in the fireCommentary and Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals

The remains of more than 15,000 babies were incinerated as ‘clinical waste’ by hospitals in Britain with some used in ‘waste to energy’ plants The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.


I’m headed to Miami today for two days of research and filming before we head north to Orlando.  This story greeted me on the Drudge Report and I about fell out of my chair.  We have reached a new low in western culture and incinerating aborted babies to heat hospitals may in fact by our nadir.  I can’t even get my head around this but I read the article and found that the “practice” has been deemed unacceptable after the authorities found out what was happening.

Who was the man or woman who thought it up in the first place?  Was he or she a practicing Luciferian?  Have we really sunk to the point where Ovenwe now use aborted babies to heat a hospital?  Who are the people who load them into the ovens?

The picture to your left was given to me by a woman whose grandfather liberated one of the Nazi death camps.  While some of you reading this will say I’m going to far with the analogy, I would posit that there really isn’t much difference between the two.  There was a holocaust which killled 6 million Jews and another 10 million undesirables in Germany which, in my opinion pales in comparison with the 60 million babies killed in the USA and the over 1 billion aborted babies world wide since Roe v. Wade!

Please remember that before abortion became “legal” with Roe v. Wade and then the gruesome practice spread through out the world, most people would have been shocked by the above headline. http://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/410/113

I wonder what most Americans think when they look at this headline on Drudge?  Is there outrage, complacency, passivity?

In closing todays short post, as we’re headed to the airport: To me this headline is another blatant in-your-face sign that we are in the last days.  Scoffers can and will scoff at my assessment, and we are told in prophecy this is exactly what they will do, but surely we have lost our way, and burning our aborted babies in a furnace to heat a hospital may be the nadir of western culture.





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If You Lived in Israel Now….

Posted by lamarzulli on May 31, 2013

IsraelCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Israeli forebodings over widening Russian-Hizballah-Iraqi intervention in Syria

Israeli forebodings over widening Russian-Hizballah-Iraqi intervention in Syria

Wednesday morning, the Israeli Home Front rehearsed an attack on a Jerusalem suburb by a chemical-tipped missile.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who watched, said the exercise is designed to protect Israeli civilians “from the threats pilling up around us.” Israel’s home front is the best protected in the world but also the most threatened, he said: “We must make sure that defense is in place before an attack.

If you or I lived in Israel now we would have our gas masks close at hand at all times.  We would live in a constant state of alertness poised and ready to don the mask should we hear the siren alerting us that a chemical attack was underway.  We would also live with the awareness that once the sirens sounded we would have less than a minute to get to a shelter.

If we lived in Israel now, we would be keenly aware that we are surrounded by neighbors who pose a real, and determined, existential threat to us.  To the east of us in the country of Iran, there are weekly denouncements in Tehran, that call for us to be wiped off the map.

To the west lies Egypt, where the Moslem Brotherhood rules, and the Imam Highazi has declared,  Jerusalem will be the capital of the newly formed United Arab States, and the tens of thousands who support his fiery rhetoric chant in unison, To Jerusalem we  go martyrs in the millions!

To our south in what was once Israeli land, lies Gaza, where rocket and mortar fire have been fired on us year after year.  HAMAS will never acknowledge our right to the land.  We gave the Gaza strip back in the classic land-for-peace deal,  they got the land and we didn’t get peace.  Instead the rockets fell on us.

We went to war in Lebanon in 2006 to clear out Hezbollah, who have also threatened to destroy us.  Now, only 7 years later they have thousands of rockets aimed at us and at some point, we fear they will use them against us.

Russia has backed President Bashar al Assad, of Syria, and is supplying him with the S-300 missile system which will be a game changer in the region.  There are reports of chemical weapons being used by Assad against his own people.  The ongoing civil war has destabilized the area even more.  Assad has threatened to attack us in retaliation for our strike on Damascus, which destroyed weapons from reaching Hezbolllah.  These weapons were supplied by Iran.

The so-called Arab spring has swept away what was once a modicum of stability in the region, as Egypt, and Jordan had a peace treaty with us; now we can’t be sure if Egypt or even Jordan, for that matter will honor those treaties.

The drums of war seem to be all around us, beating steadily during the day and echoing far into the night.  This is how we live…

In closing todays post:  The God of the Bible has stated clearly that in the latter days, the end times, Israel will be gathered from the four corners of the earth and set back into their ancient homeland.  This unprecedented gathering was accomplished on the ashes of the holocaust, as Hitler, who I believe was satanicaly inspired, sought to wipe out every Jew off the face of the earth and almost succeeded.

The gathering of the Jews back into their ancient homeland is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy written thousands of years ago.  The prophecies of the Bible are true and they point us to a God who knows the end before the beginning and the beginning before the end.  They are 100% accurate 100% of the time.  Israel will NEVER be removed from the land, no never.  I believe we will soon see the Psalm 83 war that author Bill Salus has written extensively about. www.prophecydepot.com

O God, do not remain silent;
do not turn a deaf ear,
do not stand aloof, O God.
See how your enemies growl,
how your foes rear their heads.
With cunning they conspire against your people;
they plot against those you cherish.
“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,
so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

What was written will come to pass, what was foretold will unfold….

NOW THE END BEGINS: God’s Prophetical Promise To Return The Jews To Israel


end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Pacaya volcano erupts in Guatemala – World News | TVNZ


British nationalists take to London streets in anti-Muslim protest — RT In vision


Thousands blockade European Central Bank in Frankfurt — RT News


Record unemployment, low inflation underline Europe’s pain | Reuters


Insight: Libya becomes ‘the new Mali’ as Islamists shift in Sahara | Reuters


Rising radioactive spills leave Fukushima fishermen floundering | Reuters


Douglas Karpen Snipped Babies’ Necks Worse Than Gosnell, Is Anyone Noticing? | LifeNews.com


L. A. Marzulli Nahville!L. A. Marzulli’s Speaking Engagements!

January 4 -6: Dallas – Future Congress II www.futurecongress.com

March 15 &16 - Southern California - Cavalry Chapel Bell Flower -  http://www.theprophecyforum.com

April 5-7: Chicago Summit III!   CLICK HERE>  Untitled

April 20 - New York. w/ Bill Salus! ldaministries.com

May 3-5th: Hyndman Pennsylvania - tristateministry.com

May 10-12 – New Mexico Conference - Dine’ Baptist Church in Waterflow, NM

May 17-19 – Wyoming Conference - 

June 20-23: Tennessee  http://www.lionheartministries.org/calendar_conf_NephilimAgenda.php

July 18-20: Sedona Arizona – with RANDY DEMAIN! The Glory Zone – David Herzog Ministries

July 26-28: Prophecy in the News Conference –  Colorado Springs! - www.prophecyinthenews.com  

October: Paradigm shift conference – details pending.

To book L. A. Marzulli please email him at la@lamarzulli.net

L. A. Marzulli shares the platform with a variety of speakers with many different world views.  Marzulli does not endorse anyones world view unless specifically noted.


draft11On the Trail of the Nephilim

It has over 120 full color photographs and is an over-sized book @ 8.5″ X 11″!

Riveting, informative interviews with Aaron Judkins, Richard Shaw and Fritz Zimmerman!

I’ll give you all a hint, what we found in Peru was mind-blowing!

This trip was the trip of a lifetime for me and along with my friend

and co-producer of the Watchers Series, Richard Shaw, we believe we connected

some dots that other researchers perhaps have overlooked.

We handled and photographed elongated skulls with certain physical anomalies that are detailed in the book!

We visited megalithic sites which I believe were the remains of the Fallen Angel and Nephilim architecture!

I crawled into a cave where I saw ancient human remains!

We went to the privately owned Chongos Necropolis, a 2000-year-old cemetery where the elongated skulls were found.

I believe this book will break new ground in regard to the Nephilim and also the words of Jesus, when he warns us it will be like the days of Noah when he returns!


Watchers 6! Go to www.lamarzulli.net  and order!


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Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day – I didn’t forget….

Posted by lamarzulli on January 28, 2013

New Holocaust

Holocaust#3I created this short film, lest we forget what happened only decades ago.

Holocaust 2013


L. A. Marzulli

Some of the photos you are about to see in the first section of the short, have never been seen before.  Thanks to Laura for the use of these stills.  They were shot by her grandfather who liberated one of the camps.  They are graphic, but show the horrors of the death camps run by the Nazi’s.  Antisemitism is on the rise today and I find it alarming.  Hitler knew who the Jews were and killed as many as he could, yet we have people who believe erroneously the Jews are not in Israel today.  The word Holocaust means, a burnt offering on an altar.  This altar was to the god of this world, Satan.  This post will remain all through Tuesday.  Please pass the link on to as many people as you can.  It’s time to understand the past so we will prevent this from happening again.   L.A.

Click here> http://youtu.be/2bZ–nsTZOU?t=42s

This was sent to me in response to my video:   The New Nazis

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Al Quds Day – 2012 – Anti Semitism is on the Rise… It’s like 1938 All Over Again

Posted by lamarzulli on August 17, 2012

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Khamenei: Zionist regime will disappear from map

Khamenei: Zionist regime will di… JPost – Iranian Threat – News

“[Al-Quds Day] is a reflection of the fact that no other way exists apart from resolve and strength to completely eliminate the aggressive nature and to destroy Israel,” Jalali said, according to a report by Iran’s ISNA news agency.

Iran: Israel’s existence ‘insult to all humanity’

Iran: Israel’s existence ‘insult to all humanity’ – Yahoo! News

“Today, confronting the existence of the fabricated Zionist regime is in fact protecting the rights and dignity of all human beings,” said Ahmadinejad, with a black and white scarf many Palestinians wear around his neck.

Saudi Cleric Questions Holocaust

Al-Odeh also perpetuates ‘blood libel’ against Jews | Washington Free Beacon

A prominent Saudi Arabian religious cleric declared that the Holocaust is an “exaggeration” and that Jewish people consume the blood of children during a wide-ranging interview with an Arabic television station.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad says no place for Israel in new Middle East

Iran’s Ahmadinejad says no place for Israel in new Middle East | Reuters

Ahmedinejad calls Israel a “cancerous tumour”

Antisemitism has been raising it’s predictable, ugly, misinformed, Luciferican head in the Comment section of this Blog.  I will not tolerate it, not for a moment!   Take a look at the graphic picture above.  It is one of many from the Holocaust.  These men were reduced to living skeletons by Hitler’s Third Reich.  They are the result of The Final Solution, which by the way was helped along by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al Hussieni.  Hitler’s final solution migrated south and east and is now alive and well in the Middle East as reflected by the stories I linked to above.  One of the comments implied that those who were gathered  back in Israel after the horrors of WWII, were not the real Jews.  I guess Hitler made a mistake when he rounded up millions of them making sure that the trains carrying the Jews to the death camps had precedence on the railroad lines over the badly needed military trains to the Eastern Front?  Why, because Hitler knew that if he could wipe out every last Israelite and Jew he would negate prophecy and prove God to be  liar.  (I write about this in The Cosmic Chess Match.)  However, from the ashes of the Holocaust came the birth of Israel, thus fulfilling part of Ezekiel 37.

In order to fully  understand what is happening today one must understand that the hatred of Israel and the Jewish people goes back to the days of Moses, when Pharaoh declared that every man-child born of the Israelites should be put to death.   This genocide of the Jews has Luciferican roots as it is cooked up from Hells Kitchen.  Now, in these last days, Jerusalem, which is the capital of Israel has become a stumbling block,  a cup of trembling to all the nations.   We see the vitriol and vituperative remarks by Iran’s leaders shouted loud and clear, just like 1938, when Hitler declared his final solution in his book Mien Kampf.

Today is Al Quds day, or Jerusalem day.  I posted here recently a video clip showing the deliberate inability of White House Press secretary Carney’s unwillingness to state the capital of Israel.  That’s not going to happen here.  As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel!

In closing todays post:  The remnant of human beings that made it through Hitler’s Satanic Holocaust – the word means a burnt sacrifice on an altar – flocked to Israel and fought for their independence.   Please remember that Yashua, or Jesus as most of us call Him, was a Jew from the tribe of Judah.  The Apostles were all from the tribes of Israel.  Anti Semitism is on the rise. Those of us who know history are appalled and alarmed how it is repeating itself, as the world is like 1938 all over again.  Take a good look at the picture again and remember this was taken only 70 years ago….  The Holocaust happened to people just like us.

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Fetal Body Parts, Darwinism, and the Nazi Playbook.

Posted by lamarzulli on March 13, 2012

March 16-18 - Mingled Seed – OHIO - St. John’s Lutheran Church - 6004 Linnville rd. -Newark, Oh. 43056

 Contact info: Shalena Debs

L. A. on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural: www.sidroth.org

Mar  26 –  Apr  01    -  Daystar, Cornerstone, NRB, and Regular Cable
Apr  09 –  Apr  15    -  Sky Angel, Church Channel, Miracle Network, God TV, Faith, GLC and INS
www.sidroth.org to get a complete listing of the TV stations/networks and the airing dates.


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Fetal body parts used for research

InvestigateDaily – Fetal body parts used for reseach

We asked O’Brien whether she felt modern scientists were stepping into a dark pedigree.

“Do you see a correlation between the boundaries of science and experimentation on humans in this area, and the dreams of Nazi Josef Mengele and others back in World War 2 and the kind of experiments they were conducting?”


Mengele had taken particular interest in dissecting live infants for medical experiments.

“You see no correlation?”

There was a pause as O’Brien drew in her breath. “What you’re trying to get me to say is that research on human fetal tissue is morally and ethically wrong, and I’m not going to say that. Because obviously I’m working on the tissue. I think the information to be gained is extremely valuable and it’s not something taken in lightly. I don’t think the information I use can be interpreted and used for eugenics. The reason that we have ethics committees is so we don’t have a scientific free for all.”

Australian paper says Euthanizing Babies should be Allowed as Abortion

It may be hard for us to understand how we got to the place where headlines like the ones I linked to above have become the “norm.”  We are so far down the rabbit hole that we may never find our way out again.  These articles are an example of how we now disregard human life.  The doctor who is referenced above obviously believes in what she is doing, however, Joseph Mengele believed in what he was doing too.   You will also take note of the link above that mentions: Euthanizingkilling – babies should be allowed as abortion.   The mere fact that the Australians are considering this makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  This is who we have become.  Why?  Because the world view of most people has shifted from a Judeo/Christian one to one of Darwinism.  Darwinism sets the stage for eugenics, fetal research and the killing of babies up to one year old.  Darwinism tells us that there is no God, no right or wrong, no moral absolutes, no ethics, only pitiless evolution and natural selection.  Over the weekend I presented: Messengers of Deception and I quote Darwin.  As Ben Stein proclaims in his must watch movie, Expelled, a strong case can be made that the Holocaust was a direct result of Darwinism.  Darwin even tells us that: the dark races at some point will be overcome by the more evolved ones.  I’m sure glad the Rev. Martin Luther King didn’t adhere to that pile of rubbish, nevertheless this was why we sterilized African-Americans in the 30′s and 40′s.   A case can also be made that Planned Parenthood targets minorities, as the ratio of abortions in the African-American community is disproportionately higher than in the Anglo community.

Darwinism is embraced by our scientific community and any other paradigm is silenced or as Stein would put it, Expelled from academia.  This is the doorway that all must pass through and those who reject it may find it impossible to advance their career.  Stein points out in his movie that even the mention of God, or Intelligent design, can result in a professor or teacher loosing their job.  This is nothing more than intellectual fascism and it is rife in our institutions of learning.

In closing today’s post: The above articles are a modern-day Frankenstinian nightmare and in my opinion straight fro the Nazi playbook.  It is hard for me to believe that we are even discussing this let alone proceeding with the harvesting of human body parts from aborted babies.  At some point in the future there will be an accounting.  The blood of the innocent, like Abel’s blood that was spilled by his brother Cain, cries out from the ground.  When the Rider on the White Horse returns, He will stop the madness that is going on in these so-called halls of learning.


L.A. Marzulli Speaking Engagements!

March 16-18 – Mingled Seed – OHIO - St. John’s Lutheran Church - 6004 Linnville rd. -Newark, Oh. 43056

 Contact info: Shalena Debs
March 30 – April 1: Lubbock Texas:  With Russ Dizdar knowthetruthlubbock@gmail.com 
April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! - 
Hilton Terrace Baptist Church
2236 Warm Springs Road
Columbus, GA 31904
April 19 -21 – St. Louis Conference - http://www.wix.com/forensictheo/forensicseminar

May 18-19Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar: 


June: L. A. Marzulli returns to Oceanside – details pending.
July 6- 15 Montreal Canada – 37 Annual International Conference


July: 13 -15 BRANSON Prophecy Conference - www.prophecyinthenews.com
August 30 – September 1: Genesis Project
October 13: Portland Oregon – Big Foot Conference!
November: So-California Prophecy Conference – Details coming soon!
December 21: Chitzen Itcha, Mexico – Conference -
Links to all speaking engagements will be up soon! 
To book L. A. drop him an email la@lamarzulli.net
Disclaimer: L. A. Marzulli speaks at a variety of venues that feature other speakers.
 Marzulli in no way endorses or necessarily holds similar views, as those who share the platform with him, unless specifically noted!

In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Northeast, Midwest see record high temperatures

Northeast, Midwest see record high temperatures – Yahoo! News Canada


Are honey bees headed towards extinction? 

Are honey bees headed towards extinction? | NewsPakistan.PK


UFO Russia March 08, 2012

UFO Russia March 08, 2012 – YouTube


Idlib residents targeted by snipers 

Idlib residents targeted by snipers – Middle East – Al Jazeera English


Fed Unveils Doomsday Scenario for Banks 

Fed Unveils Doomsday Scenario for Banks – US Business News – CNBC


Warm weather to blanket central and eastern USA 

Warmer weather to blanket central and eastern USA – USATODAY.com


Egypt: The coming persecution 

Egypt: The coming persecution – Vatican Insider

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Holocaust Remerbance Day – It Can’t Happen Here…

Posted by lamarzulli on January 27, 2011

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

It has been 66 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. Auschwitz was a death camp, a factory where over 1.1 million people were gassed or worked to death. If you or I could somehow go back to 1944, a year before the camp was liberated, we would have reeled at what we would see. The mind can barely grasp the horror of that place.

It bears the signature, in my opinion, of the fallen cherub, the prince of the power of the air, the destroyer of mens souls, Satan. I believe that the Holocaust was a deliberate, luciferic, ritualistic, blood sacrifice, that opened the gates of hell. It was another attempt to destroy the chosen people, and the blood of the innocent cry out even now.

When Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the United Nations general assembly last year, he held up the blue prints of the Auschwitz death-camp and told how his wife had lost most of her family there.

The beginning of the Holocaust happened over a period of a decade. First came the laws that forbade the Jews to hold public office. Next came the propaganda that pictured the Jews as vermin and a plague to the German people. Then came The Night Of Broken Glass, where synagogues and Jewish shops were looted and the broken glass littered the streets. Those of Jewish descent were then forced to wear a yellow star on their sleeve to identify them as Jews. They were forbidden to marry gentiles and finally, when the demented master minds of the third Reich created the Final Solution, the Jews were rounded up and stuffed like sardines in rail-way, box-cars that made the long journey to the death camps.

Women, children, and the aged were gassed immediately upon arrival. They were told they were going to the showers to get cleaned up. I. G. Farben made the gas, Zyclon B, that was used to kill the people who were packed together in the shower area. However, there would be no water from those shower heads, and as the gas was dropped from trap doors in the roof above it finally began to dawn on the victims what was happening. Then came the terrified screams and the wailing of children and the frantic cries of their mothers followed by a deathly silence….

Germany produced, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. It was a cultural center where the Renaissance flourished, and the protestant reformation began there. Yet, after the defeat in WWI, the people of Germany embraced fascism, and as Hitler took more control of the private sector, personal liberties vanished, and the state became the arbitrator of what was good for the German people.

Not all Germans were Nazi’s and there were good German people who hid Jews in their homes, risking their own lives to do so. When Hitler took the reigns of power no one would ever have imagined the horrors of the death camps. The final solution took the lives of 6 million, Jewish, men, women and children. It reveals what men and women are capable of when the state dictates who has value and who does not. When it legislates those who are deemed worthy and others who are considered vermin.

It can’t happen here though… can it?

The link below will take to you a powerful Power Point presentation. It is a vivid reminder what words fail to express…



Watchers DVD!

Get the DVD that has everyone talking!

This is the best DVD that’s come across my desk in a long time, and I’ve seen just about everything.— Bob Ulrich, Prophecy in the News

Dear L.A., just wanted to let you know I watched your Watchers DVD and it is GREAT! Everyone needs to see this!— Dawn

Watchers DVD is the best production I have ever witnessed regarding the UFO phenomena!— Chris Ward

I honestly want EVERYONE I know to watch it. Seriously. I wish I had the money

to send a copy to everyone I know.— She She Kilough

Well to begin it is one of, if not, the best video documentary I have ever seen.
Dirk Vander Ploeg UFO Digest

Goto: WWW.lamarzulli.net


In Other News:

Nazi war crime probe launched from mystery photos



Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorated around the world



Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day: Universal Lessons



Turks ban anti-Semitic film on Holocaust remembrance day



Grain, Soybeans Rise as Food Riots Spur Demand for U.S. Exports



Death toll in Egypt protests reaches five as anti-government riots persist



Intelligent Design Proponent Fired from NASA Lab


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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!

Posted by lamarzulli on April 12, 2010

Hello everyone! First off a hardy thank you to all who contributed to help get me to St. Louis. It was a great conference and the line up of speakers and the information that each brought to the “table” was vital in understanding the times in which we live. Tony Kail, Greg Reid, and Mary Jo  Schneller and yours truly presented two power point lectures each, that were packed with information, and insightful commentary. My only negative was that the conference was poorly attended. It was held in a church that has about 2000 members, yet we had about 40 people show up. Some of them came from as far away as Minnesota. For me the highlight was when I met a woman who had come to the Lord recently because of the interview that she heard when I was on Coast to Coast, in December. She then E-mailed and I wrote her back exhorting her to accept Jesus and renounce the UFO phenomena. She did just that and I will hopefully post her story in this months News Magazine. There is also talk of a return trip to St. Louis to address the entire church body with the information that is in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. We gave the pastor a book and we’ll see if a “door” opens for me there. Now on to what I want to discuss today.

I scanned the web-sites today, for the firs time since I left for ST, Louis. First off it is Holocaust Remembrance day In Israel. Here is a link to a story that reminds of what happened in the not to distant past. http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Article.aspx?id=172876

Then there’s the headline about the Iranian nukes: http://www.debka.com/article/8710/

Then there’s the story about terrorists getting nukes and using them against us: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article7094876.ece

Then there’s this story about a dirty nukes: http://www.debka.com/article/8711/

Then there’s the story about the UFO being chased by a jet: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1264965/Is-REALLY-UFO-chased-M5-RAF-fighter-jets-Video-footage-captured-service-station.html?ITO=1490

What I’m amazed at is that these stories could have come right out of Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural! I spoke about this at the St. Louis conference, but unfortunately because of time restraints, I wasn’t able to finish my presentation. It takes about 4 hours to present that material as there is a lot to cover and I was allotted only an hour and a half. One dynamic that all of us who spoke agreed upon, is that events seem to be accelerating toward the prophecies that tell us what will happen in the last days. The enemy grows bold and he is ramping up to his climax, to his deception, to his revealing of lying signs and wonders. (There was a video posted in the comment section showing what I believe is a lying sign and wonder see my comment in the comment section.) With the above stories in mind, it would appear that what I wrote in P.P.&S. is coming to pass. I am  not saying that I have all the answers, but every one of these stories could have come directly out of that book. To see them all in one day is alarming! I’m going to summarize what I believe is going to happen soon.

1. There is going to be a war in the Middle East. Whether it’s the Psalm 83 or the Ezekiel 38 war remains to be seen, but I believe it will trigger supernatural events.

2. We will see some type of nuclear or biological weapon deployed on our shores.

3. The world will cry out for a savior as it desperately seeks to stop the mayhem. Enter the so-called extraterrestrial presence who will then present the “alien gospel,” which is that E.T. created all life on this planet, created early man, created our first civilizations, started the worlds religions, were worshipped as gods and now are back to help us through this time of chaos.

I can’t stress this enough, you don’t know what you don’t know and this BLOG can’t possibly give you all the information that is contained in the pages of P.P&S.

Please go to www.lamarzulli.net and get your copy. Read it, digest it, do your homework! Tell your loved ones and your family. As I have stated, I wasn’t able to complete my presentation – I’m going to try to pare it down for the Nashville conference – but the most rewarding part for me is when I look out in the audience and I see the “light-bulbs” going off in people’s heads, as they connect the dots for themselves. This book contains important information that for the most part, is not being taught or discussed in the churches. In closing, you don’t know what you don’t know. I get questions from people that would take pages for me to answer. I point them P.P.&S. It has concrete answers. It is the only book that I know of that addresses the supernatural and how it intersects with current world events.

“The present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millenia ago.” L.A. Marzulli

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