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Enter the Strong Man?

Posted by lamarzulli on June 13, 2014

King-Abdullah_551059aCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

These two posts, below the headline in red, were written several years ago.  As many of you who follow this blog know, I have been predicting the fall of the Malaki government and the rise of the Strongman.  The question I would pose is this…. Is this the time when we will see Iraq embrace the Strongman, who I believe may be the King of Jordan?  Iraq seems to be a tipping point….

Iraq crisis: Baghdad prepares for the worst as Islamist militants vow to capture the city


Dozens die as 14 bombs explode across Baghdad

BAGHDAD — A wave of bombings ripped across Baghdad on Thursday morning, killing at least 60 people and injuring more than 150 in the worst violence Iraq has seen for months.

Dozens die as 14 bombs explode across Baghdad – World news – Mideast/N. Africa – Conflict in Iraq – msnbc.com

The beginning of what I believe may be the third leg of the Luciferian Dialectic, has begun as this wave of violence that has claimed the lives of more than 150 people is a harbinger of the sectarian violence – think Shia against Sunni Moslem – that will shatter the fragile peace in Iraq.  I have been harping on this for months now and as the headline plainly states above, 14 bombs were exploded in Baghdad.  So much for tourism there.  You may also recall that only a few weeks ago I posted a picture of Iraqi’s burning American and Israeli flags.  Ron Paul is correct when he states that many people in the Middle East hate us as we have invaded their country. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the United States has 900 military bases world-wide.  That is what I would consider an hegemony.  Can you imagine what we would hear if Russia had those bases instead of us?

While we are being told that our troops are out of Iraq, Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty assured his listeners, on his show that I was a guest on last night and will return at 3 pm today,  that there are still 17,000 US troops stationed in Iraq.  I also added that according to some INTEL sources some of those troops have been moved to the Syrian/Jordanian border.  The Malaki government is enervated, the police impotent, the Iraqi people war-weary and with 14 bombs exploding in the capital it is graphic evidence that Iraq is a quagmire.  This calls for the Strongman.

I have talked about the Coming of the Strongman for years and how it will play into Biblical end-times prophecy.  The short of it is this.  Iraq will embrace a man who can bring law and order and a semblance of stability to that country.  This man will be heralded as the greatest peace-maker in the history of the world.  Here’s the post that I wrote several weeks ago that details what I believe is the Coming of the Strongman….

12/15/2011 (I will discuss this at length with Dr. Stan today @ 3pm (PST)

Today marks the official end of the Iraq war and the withdrawal of our troops.   What should be asked, is why now with the entire region in the throes of the Arab Spring?  Why now when the area is more unstable than ever?  Why now, when the sectarian violence continues to plague the country?  Why now with Iran licking its chops and looking toward its weakened neighbor?  Why now, with all Arab nations eyeing Israel and Egyptians In Tahrir square chanting, to Jerusalem we go Martyrs in the millions!

We might never know the official body count of Iraqi dead, but we lost American blood and treasure in what I believe was a war that never should have been fought in the first place.  I understand all to well, that Saddam, and his crazy sons were madmen and the world is better off without them.  But I posit the question, what have we gained by spending billions of tax payers dollars?   What have we accomplished over there?

I have posted before that I believe we are in the midst of  Luciferain Dialectic.  The conflict is 911, the counter-conflict is the Afghan war followed by our Iraqi invasion.  Now we are about to see the closing of the third leg of the dialectic,  that of synthesis.  In my opinion we should keep an eye on the Hashemite King of Jordan.  As I posted earlier this week, allegedly our troops are based along the Jordanian/Syrian border.  Why now?

The Malaki government is enervated at best and when US forces leave, watch the escalation of violence as the feud between Shia and Sunni Moslem explodes.  With Iran pressing the eastern border and the independent Kurds in the North, Iraq will implode.   Most of the Arab nations along with HAMAS, Hezbollah and Syria, are calling for a war against Israel, and at some point they will pull the trigger.

In Closing todays post:  The stage is now set in Iraq for the entrance of the STRONGMAN.  One who will take the reins of power in Iraq and also carve out a “lasting peace” between the Palestinians – an invented people by the way – and Israel.  I realize it sounds far-fetched but so did war games in the Straights of Hormuz… right?  Now the Iranians are conducting war games for just such a scenario.   We will have to see how all of this plays out, but I believe our leaving the country is the last move of the Luciferian Dialectic and sets the stage for the entrance of the Strongman!


Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Baghdad under al Qaeda assault

The Iraqi capital was rocked late Tuesday, Nov. 2 by the most ferocious assault al Qaeda has ever carried out on a capital city. By evening, it had spread to Baghdad’s environs after the death toll had climbed past 120 with more than 300 injured from 19 bomb car explosions in a dozen Shiite suburbs.


http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=193815 Rapid fire explosions, involving booby-trapped cars, roadside bombs, mortar strikes leave 200 wounded in mostly Shiite neighborhoods.

It has been seven years since the US and coalition forces went into Baghdad. Thousands of lives were lost and the Iraqi people were liberated from the tyrant Saddam Hussein. We were told, several months ago, that the Iraq war was over and that the Iraqi people had won a decisive victory for democracy and freedom in the Middle East. However, it would seem that there is just one little factor that keeps cropping up and blowing – no pun intended – the progress that the Iraqi’s have made, to smithereens, literally.

The recent synchronized bombings that took place in the Iraqi capital says it all. The deep-rooted hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslim, that has been going on ever since the death of Mohammed, continues unabated. This latest attack, in a long line of massacres, should be a warning that the political landscape, in Iraq, is as tenuous as ever. What are the Iraqi’s to do? There are check points all over the city and yet the violence continues.

Enter the Strongman, the Hashemite King, the direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed, King Abdullah II, of Jordan. The time is ripe for him to step onto the world stage. I’ve been waiting for this ever since our invasion of Iraq. I have posted about this before and do so again now because it would appear that the Iraqi’s might be ready to embrace the Strongman. The people in Iraq wonder why there government is powerless to stop the carnage. The Malaki regime is enervated and without the propping up by the US, it would fold like a house of cards in a wind storm.

The King is the answer. Heck, he’s right next door! Remember too, that his uncle once was king of Iraq, so the memory a Hashemite monarchy is still somewhat fresh in the minds of the Iraqi’s. The stage is set for him to come riding in on his white horse and establish peace and safety in Iraq. Because he is a direct descendant of Mohammed, he garners the respect of both Sunni and Shia Moslem.

I believe he will make his new capital in the ancient city of Babylon. He will use the billions of petro dollars that are at his disposal and resurrect that ancient city. Then, he will solve the 60-year-old conundrum in the Middle East, by giving part of Jordan to the Palestinians for their homeland.

Keep your eye on the Temple mount in Jerusalem, because Abdullah is the only person in the world who controls the Temple Mount. Everything that goes on there is under his jurisdiction. Third Temple soon?

This recent bomb blast shows us that Iraq is as unstable as ever. Nothing has changed and I for one am angry when I think of the blood that has been spilled there. There is no peace in Iraq. They await the strongman and when he comes he will honor a god of fortresses….

Notice: I am looking for a Christian archaeologist who is accredited and who has field experience.  If you know of someone please give them my email.  la@lamarzulli.net

Blessings to all who are praying for us.

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Endless War… Suicides, Shootings and Drug Cocktails.

Posted by lamarzulli on April 4, 2014

WARCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Fort Hood Shooter Ivan Lopez’s Chilling Facebook Post: ‘The Devil Will Take Me…Green Light And Finger Ready’


He was also on medication for his problems, including Ambien for a sleep disorder.


How Can Government Battle a ‘Suicide Epidemic’ Among Veterans?


My father fought in WWII.  He was a Captain in the infantry.  He landed on the shores of France and fought his way through that country to the Battle of the Bulge, in Germany.  He received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star.  He never recovered from the war and if asked about it he would last less than five minutes before breaking into tears and running out of the room.  The war may have contributed to his Alzheimer’s.  He was 22 years old went he enlisted.  He was just a kid from Newark, New Jersey when he went to war, but when he returned he was, in fact, scarred forever.  There were no diagnosis of Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, no army shrinks to talk to, when he came back, nothing.  He stepped off the boat and was greeted by his father and for the rest of his life he carried the horrors of war in his mind and heart.  My mother said he used to have nightmares when he first came back, which lessened over time.

I recently talked to a man, who like my dad, enlisted but fought in Afghanistan three years ago.  He’s quiet and reserved, but he too has nightmares and when asked about his experience he shakes his head and tells me, it was a waste of time over there.

Another man I spoke with at a Christmas dinner two years ago, told a story of how artillery fire rained down on a village in Afghanistan and he saw a girl, perhaps 12 or 13 years old, run out of the village with no arms, because they had been blown off.  He broke down and cried at the table.

In our airports the military is glorified, as we hear recordings pointing the soldiers to the USO room and thanking and saluting them for their service.  Military personal go to the head of the line when boarding airplanes.  All of this reminds me of a Orwellian nightmare and yet the American people seem to be OK with it.

We have spent 13 years and counting fighting a war in Afghanistan and for what?  To protect the one TRILLION dollar a year opium harvest?  To liberate the people there?  I thought Bush told us mission accomplished, when he landed a jet on the aircraft carrier.  During the Viet Nam war the casualties were reported on the nightly news, which, after some time began to affect the citizenry who then protested the war.  However, we don’t hear anything about the ongoing slaughter over there, it’s a media black out.

There is a scripture found in Isaiah 2:4:  They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

This will happen in the 1000 years of the reign of the Messiah, Jesus, when He returns.  It is a promise of a world which has no war, and tells us that men and women will not train for it.

According to the article I posted above, 22 young men and women veterans commit suicide every day.  This is an epidemic and in my opinion lets us know that the horrors of war are real and life changing.  Killing people is not a good thing.  Blowing up villages in Afghanistan is not a good thing.  800 + military bases world-wide is overkill.

In closing todays post:  I do believe in a strong military defense, as there are those who would attack us if they could.  Think the Japanese in WWII.  Think about Hitler marching into Poland and later France.  There are some wars which are just.  However, Viet Nam, and now Afghanistan seem to be wars that are fought for profit and to benefit the military industrial complex, which President Eisenhower warned us about as he left office.

There are no easy answers, but too many Christians are gun-ho when it comes to war.  Think about this:  There is a time for war and a time for peace.  Can we have a time of peace now?

Dominion christain

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end time

In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

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The goal is to make us all equally poor!



Two Sate Solution?  



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10 Questions for L. A. Marzulli about 2014.

Posted by lamarzulli on December 31, 2013

end time

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I am a Watchman, not a prophet and the reason why I’m bringing this up is  to clarify the following statements I will make.  First, these comments should not be regarded as prophecy and certainly not; thus saith the Lord!  These are my personal reflections based on years of watching. 

With that in mind let’s take a look at some subjects for our rumination…

I am choosing a question and answer format, just like I do when I interview people each month for the new magazine, except I’m posing and answering the questions!

1. Will we see a UFO finally manifest for the world to see?  In other words will there finally be the revealing of the so-called extraterrestrial presence?

L.A.:  In Watchers 7, we interviewed Stephen Bassett, the organizer for, The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure.  It was a fascinating interview and one of the more cogent points Bassett brought up was he believed at some point the president of the United States would reveal the so-called extraterrestrial presence.

There is a clip of Paul Hellyer, the former secretary of defense for the Canadian government who is speaking at Bassett’s Disclosure hearing in Washington D.C., Hellyer states, UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.  

This is a cogent statement with staggering implications.  Hellyer is announcing to the world that the phenomena is real and it should be taken seriously.

With that statement in mind, I would point out that I have consistently believed “they” will reveal themselves after a great war erupts in the Middle East and “nukes” are used.  While this should be viewed as a scenario, it’s the one that I have embraced—along with the late David Flynn—and believe will transpire in the days ahead.  Consider this, if there is a nuclear event in the Middle East it will, in my opinion, create the greatest collective fear humankind has ever experienced and one unique dynamic to this is this, we will all experience the event together; as the world is linked up via the satellites orbiting the earth.  This type of communication is unprecedented and I believe sets the world up to receive the one known as the Son of Perdition or The Antichrist.

Last October 2013, over 2,000 UFOs were reported which may be a record.  This figure is up 100% from the 1,000 sightings which were reported in April.

Something is going on and as Hellyer puts it so succinctly, UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.  

The so-called revealing of the extraterrestrial presence is coming,  and when it does it will be the ultimate game changer.


2. Will there be a war in the Middle East?

L. A.:  We have witnessed the so-called Arab Spring overthrow the old guard, in places like Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.   As of this writing over 100,000 Syrians have been killed in what remains an ongoing bloody civil war which has further destabilized the region.  Massacres and atrocities have become the norm as people are butchered, in some cases like cattle.   In Iraq, week after week scores of people are blown up in suicide bombings and car bombs, in what the main stream media labels “sectarian violence.”  However, this is a misleading statement as the reality is this, the violence is the results of the schism between the dominant form of Islam the Sunni’s, and the lesser sect, Shias, which began 1,300 years ago.

This infighting between the sects of Islam, take the heat off of Israel, at least for the moment, however, the Middle East is poised for a regional conflict and at some point it will happen.  In Lebanon, Hezbollah has perhaps upward of 100,000 missiles, many of which have been retrofitted and are capable of hitting Tel Aviv.  Iran continues it’s saber rattling toward Israel, and Bashar Al Assad has stated he will attack Israel if he is threatened by an International military force.

I believe war is eminent for the region and it’s just a matter of time before it manifests.


3. Will Bashar al Assad be overthrown in Syria?

L.A.:  Assad has managed to hold on to the reigns of power in spite of the ongoing civil war which has plagued the country and killed upwards of 100,000 people.  Assad was accused of using chemical weapons and the US President Obama, almost led us in to WWIII, as he wanted to bomb Syria.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin intervened and war was averted.  Syria remains a very unstable element in the Middle East as hundreds of thousands of civilians have already fled the country, going to Jordan and Turkey which are not equipped to deal with the upsurge of refugees.  Added to this is the growing power of regional war lords who are carving out a piece of the Syrian pie for themselves.  Then there’s the atrocities committed by both the rebel fighters as well as Assad’s forces, as people are massacred like cattle in Syrian villages.  The situation remains grave, unstable, and volatile. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-25557989

4. Will Iran attain nuclear power?

L. A.:  The short answer is this:  Not if the Israeli’s have any say in the matter!  President Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Iran poses an existential threat to Israel and in my opinion, he knows of what he speaks.  Iranians assemble every Friday and chant, Death to America!  Death to Israel!  I believe the Iranians have several goals.  The first is to wipe Israel off the map and the second is to claim the sacred Moslem sites of Mecca and Medina, which are currently controlled by the Saudi’s.

There is also the possibility of the Iranians engaging in some sort of dirty bomb, or EMP bomb over the United States as in their eyes we are The Great Satan.  If this happens it would put us back in pre-industrial revolution times.  In other words, life as we know it would change drastically as cars, refrigerators, toasters, cell phones would not work.  There would be massive loss of life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction

5. Will the Dollar finally collapse?

L. A.:  As of this writing—the end of 2013—we are over 17 trillion dollars in debt and that debt grows every day with no end in site.  At some point the financial house of cards must collapse.  We saw what I believe is a harbinger of the coming collapse in Cyprus this year, where millions of dollars in peoples private savings accounts, were seized by the government.  This is out and out robbery and before you say, it can’t happen here, think again.  Just before WWII, it was a crime to hoard gold coins. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_6102

The government can do as they please and seems the American people lie down and take it.  Our currency used to be issued in silver certificates.  In other words the paper currency was backed up by gold and silver.

Nixon, took us off the gold standard and now our paper currency is just that, paper.  In other words it’s not backed up by anything and in essence is not worth the paper it’s printed on if the dollar collapses.

There is also talk, among the conspiracy crowd, about an orchestrated collapse of the dollar, to usher in Martial law and the New World Order.  The Alex Jones groupies are well versed in this and I too have followed the warnings from Jones for a number of years.  Could it happen?  Of course it could.  Think about it for a minute, this administration has brought us: Ben Ghazi, Fast and Furious, You-can-Keep-Your-Doctor- Health care, The NSA scandal, endless war, record debt and torture at Gitmo.  Why should we trust anything that comes from these weasels?

6. Will the US be attacked again?

L. A.:  A few weeks ago there was a map showing how and where Chinese submarines would fire their ballistic missiles and essentially “nuke” the United States.  This begs the question, why are they showing us this on a Monday morning?

America has many enemies and still, after 12 years our southern border remains porous.  As I stated years ago when Obamacare was ramrodded down the throats of the American people, if you want to see how Obamacare will look, all one need do is examine our “fence” on the southern border.  We can’t complete a fence, so how can this same government manage the health care for 300 million people?  

With this in mind, what has come across the border since 911?  What came over before 911?  As I wrote in Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural, it seems reasonable to assume dirty nukes may have been smuggled across the souther border and brought to cities somewhere in the US.  We know that Osama Bin Laden was given a Fatwa—religious decree—to use weapons of mass destruction against women and children and non-combatants.  A portion of the Islamic world—think organizations like the Moslem Brotherhood, Hezbollah, HAMAS—hate our way of life, despise democracy, and call for Jihad against the west.  While it may only be a small percentage of the Islamic population as a whole, if one considers there are over 1.4 Billion Moslems living on this planet, then even 10% who are radicalized—I’m being conservative with this estimate—would mean over 100 million who ascribe to the way of Jihad.  That’s 1/3 of the US population.  All it would take is a dirty bomb going off in one of our cities and the government would declare Martial law, shut down interstate travel, and put a curfew on all Americans?  Don’t think it can happen here?  Look what happened in Boston this year when one 19 year old “terrorist” held the city at bay, while SWAT teams, and the army rolled into Boston, reminding me of Hitler rolling into Austria, just before the onset of WWII. http://www.thepropheticyears.com/comments/Imminent%20danger%201%20-%20Electromagnetic%20Pulse%20explosion%20(EMP)%20over%20the%20United%20States.htm

7. Will the Arab Spring continue?

L. A.:  The Arab Spring is still alive and well, although it appears that both the Kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia have managed to dodge the bullet, as it were and hold to their power base.  Syria—see above questions #3—is still reeling from the ongoing civil war there.

Egypt’s army as well as millions of Egyptians threw the Moslem Brotherhood out of power and now former president elect Morsi, is on trial!  I show a clip where the Moslem Brotherhood is rallying for Morsi and the Imam, Highazi, is yelling Jerusalem will be the capital of the United Arab States! Then the crowd breaks into chanting: To Jerusalem we go martyrs in the millions.  How does Israel reason with people like this?  They can’t!

The youth in many Middle Eastern countries are disillusioned by the status quo and long for some sort of western democracy, however, as I have pointed out numerous times, there is no pathway to a Jeffersonian form of Democracy from Islam.

A case could be made that the protestant reformation was the spring board to the freedoms we enjoy today in America.

The Moslem Brotherhood has stated they want Sharia law, which is a return to 14th century Islamic jurisprudence, where women have no rights, minorities of different religions are persecuted, capital punishment, as well as dismemberment for crimes are carried out publicly and Jihad is a way of life.  In spite of what many pundits are saying I believe the Arab Spring is far from over, in my opinion so we need to keep a watchful eye on developments there.


8. Will Jesus return in 2014?

L. A.: Let’s hope so!  We all anticipate and long to see the day of His coming!  This is our blessed hope, and as Paul tells us, all of creation groans in anticipation!  I believe we are in the season of birth pains that Jesus warns us of.  We see the ongoing signs of wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places and troublesome times.  The place to watch is Israel as I believe most of the prophecies in the Bible, yet to be fulfilled are centered around the Jewish nation.

We are told by Jesus, when we see these things come upon the earth, those I mentioned above, we are to look up, as our redemption, His coming, is near.

9. Will there be an eruption of a super-volcano somewhere on the planet?

L. A.:  A few years ago the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted sending a plume of ash into the atmosphere which closed air traffic for about a week in Europe.  There are two other volcanos in Iceland which are actually far more serious should they erupt, the Katla and the Bárðarbunga.

The later is what is considered a super volcano and if it erupted could cause a massive cloud of ash, which would then travel world-wide blocking out the sun and essentially creating what scientists call, nuclear winter.

This would mean that crops would not grow and thus food production would fail, which could lead to world-wide famine.  This is why I am always harping on folks stockpiling food and water.  Volcanos have erupted before, the last big one which impacted the world was Krakatua http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1883_eruption_of_Krakatoa which went off in 1883 and impacted weather patterns all over the world for years.

In the US we have the super volcano known as Yellowstone caldera and if it erupted it would completely take out most of the western states, resulting in life as we know coming to a grinding halt.


Volcanos are unpredictable and thus it is a wild card in when considering the global end-time prophetic mix.

Your closing thoughts!

L. A.:  I believe we are in the last days.  How much will we see before the church is taken out?  It’s anyones guess, but with the signs we are seeing, I would venture to say, we are already in way over our heads!

Think about it, sightings of UFOs are increasing every month, the 7.0 earthquake seems to be the new normal, comets are seen, the sun will flip over soon, there are also four blood moons this year, 2014 and in 2015 that fall on the Jewish feast days, animal and fish die-offs continue and then there’s Fukushima, which is leaking radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.

These are certainly uncertain times.  However, the good news is we were told ahead of time by Jesus, what to expect in the last days.  While some people in the church sleep and others outside aren’t even aware of the prophecies in the Bible, we should be diligent to warn of not only what is here but what is coming.

Jesus warns us:

Even the elect would be deceived, if that were possible.  

Men faint from fear from what is coming upon the earth.  

Unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive. 

With that in mind we should live soberly and expectantly in anticipation for the King’s return…..

L.A. Marzulli

Winter 2013

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Guest Blogger: Franklin Graham

Posted by lamarzulli on October 16, 2013

Franklin GrhamaCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

I was combing many different web sites, as I do every day.  I was wondering what to blog about when I came across this great, pithy post by Franklin Graham, the son Billy Graham.  In my opinion, Franklin nails what’s wrong with America.  There is a remnant of people in this country that are fed up with big government, out of control spending, endless war and political correctness.  There are many of us that look at the lawlessness and ongoing, senseless, violence which continues day after day and wonder where we can go to escape it?  We are surrounded by a steady stream of murderous violence, in movies, and TV programs, and the body count and blood-lust grow each day.  We are a nation poised on the edge of a precipice and in my opinion, Franklin Graham points the way for us to step back from the edge and fix it.


Graham: ‘Greed, Lust’ at Heart of Political Chaos


Evangelist Franklin Graham says greed, lust, and wickedness are at the heart of Washington’s woes.

In an exclusive interview with CBN News, the leader of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association says America is in crisis because we’ve taken God out of the picture.

“Our government is in trouble; our country is in trouble,” Franklin warned. “We are in moral decay; we are in economic decay.”

“Our politicians don’t know right from wrong,” he continued. “And our politicians come to this city and they fight one another and it’s the greed in their hearts, the lust that’s in their hearts and they make all these rules and laws that affect the rest of us.”

“And the government spends and spends and spends, and they don’t have the money to pay for it. But the politicians are trying to use that money to buy votes in favor for themselves. It is so greedy and so wicked and so wrong,” he charged.

According to Graham, this is what happens when God is removed from government and the nation’s schools.

“Isn’t it interesting,” he noted, “that in Washington, here we are in this crisis we find ourselves in (and) nobody is saying ‘Hey, time out. Let’s get on our knees and let’s call on the name of Almighty God and let’s ask Him for help. Let’s ask Him to bring us together and find a way out of this mess we’re in.'”

“Nobody — the president, the Senate, the Congress — nobody is saying, ‘Let’s call on the name of Almighty God.’ Why? Because we’ve taken God out of our government. We don’t want Him,” Graham concluded.

Graham is promoting his father’s latest book, The Reason for My Hope. He says the Christian Gospel has the power to change hearts and lives and heal the country.

The BGEA is preparing for a televised event next month that will feature a message from his father, Billy Graham.


L. A. Marzulli appears on South West Radio Church’s, Watchman on the Wall with Noah Hutchings!  ON TODAY’S RADIO PROGRAM – http://swrc.com

Wedensday, October 16, 2013 – On the Trail of the Nephilim, Part 2

On the Trail of the Nephilim

Genesis 6 indicates that before the Great Flood of Noah’s day, fallen angels invaded the earth and bore children through relations with women of that day. The offspring of this strange and unholy relationship were giants, or Nephilim according to the Jewish text. L. A. Marzulli presents evidence of his investigations to uncover the existence of these giants.

Listen to today’s radio program on Real Player

L. A. Will also be speaking this coming Friday and Saturday at the SERC Prophecy Conference! http://swrc.com/ministry/conf_sched.html


W7-Key-ArtWatchers 7 – UFOs: Physical Evidence



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 Hello L.A.,I wanted to say how much we enjoyed your latest watchers 6 DVD. My nine year old son was asking all kinds of questions afterwards. We are looking forward to the book OTTOT Nephilim. Your trip to Peru must have been an amazing experience and adventure.  Alan


end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Iran’s Nukes



Iran’s Nukes



The Hajj – Notice His Reference to the criminal Zionist network!



Car Bomb in Syria



The Demon in the Statue…



Obama Shut-down



Collateral Damage? 


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Somebody is Lying….

Posted by lamarzulli on September 6, 2013

Vladimir-Putin_10Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria

Putin called Obama Secretary of State John Kerry a liar over Kerry’s testimony this week before Congress.

The question may be al-Qaeda’s influence on the Syrian rebels, an issue Kerry has downplayed.

Speaking to his human rights council Wednesday, Putin said, “This was very unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them (the Americans), and we assume they are decent people, but he is lying and he knows that he is lying. This is sad.”

OK, I never thought I would be siding with the former head of the Russian KGB, Vladimir Putin!  Is this really happening?  Perhaps it’s all a bad dream and I’ll awake soon from this Orwellian nightmare…

Someone is lying and as Putin has stated, it may be our newly appointed Secretary of State, John Kerry.  Remember when he ran for president and he boasted about his service in Viet Nam?  Was he lying then, stretching the truth to fit his own agenda?  http://www.swiftvets.com/index.php?topic=KerryinVietnam With that in mind, is he lying now to fulfill the agenda of the administration he is linked with?

For Putin to publicly call out Kerry on the world stage is, as far as I can remember, a first.  It is an embarrassment to think Kerry, our representative to the world, is being called a bold-face liar.  Meanwhile, another Russian ship is headed toward Syria!  http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/504248/20130906/russia-ship-syria-assad-putin-obama-damascus.htm

Then there is the frenzy in Washington to go to war.  Pat Buchanan stated this pithy remark: Has it come to this — U.S. soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen as the mercenaries of sheiks, sultans and emirs, Hessians of the New World Order, hired out to do the big-time killing for Saudi and Sunni royals?

This fits nicely in with my post on Tuesday, which pointed the finger to Saudi Arabia as being behind the use of chemical weapons and the 1300 conflict between Sunni and Shia Moslems.

Why is this administration so gun-ho on going to war when we don’t have all the facts?  But then, this is the administration, whose then speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, told the members of the House, they had to vote for Obama Care before they could read it!  Truly, the inmates are running the Asylum! http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/post/pelosi-defends-her-infamous-health-care-remark/2012/06/20/gJQAqch6qV_blog.html

In closing todays post.  I am troubled at what I see our government doing, as they rush toward another war.  I am stunned and saddened that I am trusting the former head of the KGB, Putin, to tell me the truth rather than my own elected officials.  Somebody is lying and hopefully, at some point we will find out who.


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 Watcher’s 6 was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!History Channel eat your heart out! Watcher’s 6 not only gives you clear video evidence but they present sane logical explanations about who, what, when, and how! You don’t have to check your brain at the door when you view Watcher’s 6! (But putting unfounded prejudges aside might help )Thanks for all the HARD work, and consistent dedication to these topics.   Kerry

 Hello L.A.,I wanted to say how much we enjoyed your latest watchers 6 DVD. My nine year old son was asking all kinds of questions afterwards. We are looking forward to the book OTTOT Nephilim. Your trip to Peru must have been an amazing experience and adventure.  Alan


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Iraq – I thought Everything was Hunky-Doory there?

Posted by lamarzulli on June 17, 2013

Iraq Terror!Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

51 killed in new wave of Iraq attacks

BAGHDAD (AP) — A blistering string of apparently coordinated bombings and a shooting across Iraq killed at least 51 and wounded dozens Sunday, spreading fear throughout the country in a wave of violence that is raising the prospect of a return to widespread sectarian killing a decade after a U.S.-led invasion.  

Violence has spiked sharply in Iraq in recent months, with the death toll rising to levels not seen since 2008. Nearly 2,000 have been killed since the start of April, including more than 180 this month.

The surge in bloodshed accompanies rising sectarian tensions within Iraq and growing concerns that its unrest is being fanned by the Syrian civil war raging next door. (Emphesis mine)

The above article is cause for concern and here’s why.  Notice the highlighted words in red, sectarian tensions, what a bunch of hooey!  Once again our media-absurda—I think I just made that up—doesn’t really tell us the truth in regard to what is really happening in war-torn Iraq.  The article should read, The surge in bloodshed accompanies the 1300 year old hatred between the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam. Family Security Matters

This is really the elephant in the room.  Take a look at the numbers killed, as the body count nears 2000 since April.  This hatred between the Sunni and the Shia sects have been going on literally for 1300 years and as seen in the article, shows no signs of lessening soon.  The bottom line is they blow each other up.  They can’t live together and it would appear they are completely and totally intolerant of each other.

Now factor in the ongoing bloody civil war in Syria and it is important to note that we have the same tensions between Sunni and Shia there.  In fact, Saudi Arabia, which is Sunni, is terrified that the Shia sect will set up a, Shia Crescent and reclaim the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.  This is why Syria is so important, as when and if Bashar Al Assad is finally ousted, what faction of Islam will take his place?  The Iranians, who are Shia, want him to stay in power, the Saudi’s do not.  You may recall the Iraq/Iran war that took place in the 1980’s.  Iran-Iraq War | Infoplease.com  This was a war between the two sects of Islam and spilled the blood hundreds of thousands men women and children.

The violence continues in Iraq with the suicide bombers happening almost weekly.  Casualties of suicide bombings in Iraq, 2003-2010 :: Iraq Body Count  This is madness!

In closing todays post:  The Middle East is besieged by violence of the most atrocious kind.  Is there any chance for peace when the mutual hatred exists between Sunni and Shia?  I don’t think so, but according to our media, I thought everything was hunky-doory in Iraq.  Hmmmm, I guess I won’t be visiting Baghdad any time soon!


end timeIn Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

6.2 quake strikes south of Crete—USGS | Inquirer News


Magnitude 6.5 quake strikes in Pacific off Nicaragua; no damage | Reuters


Putin will address G8 summit as head of winning Syrian war camp


PressTV – Militants in Syria ask West for tanks, warplanes


PM: Don’t be fooled by new Iranian president


Turkey threatens to deploy army to end unrest – Europe – Al Jazeera English


Did Minnesota man command Nazi unit? – CNN.com


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Watcher’s 6 was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!History Channel eat your heart out! Watcher’s 6 not only gives you clear video evidence but they present sane logical explanations about who, what, when, and how! You don’t have to check your brain at the door when you view Watcher’s 6! (But putting unfounded prejudges aside might help )Thanks for all the HARD work, and consistent dedication to these topics.


Hello L.A.,
I wanted to say how much we enjoyed your latest watchers 6 DVD. My nine year old son was asking all kinds of questions afterwards. We are looking forward to the book OTTOT Nephilim. Your trip to Peru must have been an amazing experience and adventure.


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Iran and the Straight of Hormuz

Posted by lamarzulli on October 16, 2012

October 20-21:   Conference with Dr. Stan Montieth – Radio Liberty Seminar


Commentary % Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Iran’s Secret Plan to Contaminate the Strait of Hormuz

Iran could be planning to create a vast oil spill in the Strait of Hormuz, according to a top secret report obtained by Western intelligence officials. The aim of the operation is to both temporarily block the vital shipping channel and to force a suspension of Western sanctions.

We’re back to the Strait of Hormuz again as Western sanctions are having an effect on Iran.  As I pointed out over a year ago, Iran has one major offensive option, which is to close the Strait of Hormuz.

I love maps and the one to the left shows  how narrow the Hormuz waterway is.  Over 40% of the world’s oil comes through Hormuz.  Oil is the life-blood of the planet as the modern industrial world runs on it and Iran knows this full well.  Iran has conducted naval drills to close Hormuz, and now there seems to be another plan in the works.  It is code-named “murky waters.”  If the Iranians create a huge oil spill how will it affect the flow of oil through Hormuz?  Will it stop the tankers?

Gas prices in California are at an all time high, cresting at $5!  What will happen if Hormuz is closed, will we see $10 a gallon gas?

In the Other News Section,  there is a story about how Shia Moslems are fighting alongside Assad.  As I have pointed out here before, Iran will do pretty much anything to keep the Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad in power, as this creates the Iranians sought after Shia crescent, which includes, Syria and Lebanon.  Another article below states Hezbollah now has the capacity to hit any city in Israel with its missiles.

While most Americans are caught up in the presidential debates, the Middle East is preparing for war.  It is coming and with only weeks before the election, I would posit the war will come in the spring.  However, anything could touch it off as the region is the most unstable I have ever seen it.

In closing todays post:  This new piece of INTEL is another straw on the camels back.  At some point the camel will collapse and Middle East will erupt into war.  The hatred and vitriol are reaching a tipping point.  All eyes are on Israel and her destruction.  With that in mind remember:

Be still and know that I Am God.  Behold the days are coming when I will show my strength on the mountains of Israel.


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Watchers 5:  Let Me In


Bob Ulrich

Gary Stearman will never forget the clear, megaphone-like voice that rang in his ear as he flew his Cessna 207 from Dallas to Lubbock. That booming voice said, “If you look to your left, you’ll see a UFO! What happened soon thereafter is fresh in Gary’s mind, even 30+ years later. His personal UFO encounter dramatically affected his world view and provides all the evidence you need to know that UFOs are real! Was his encounter with this enormous silver craft an angelic rescue from a potential mid-air disaster? Watchers 5 features Gary flying a vintage Stearman bi-plane, sharing the whole amazing story of that memorable day.

The Watchers series has reached new, extraordinary heights, presenting one thrilling segment after another. LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw’s ongoing adventures continue with the story of black-eyed children who appear at hotels and car windows, even on boats at sea! They appear with a singular purpose—they want to be invited in! Demons? Alien hybrids? Urban legends? Speaking of legends, our host interviews the leading expert on The Spear of Destiny, the weapon that pierced the side of Christ and supposedly gives its owner the power to rule the world. What significance does the word OBAMA have in the Bible codes, referencing the Gog and Magog war? And what secrets does the North Pole hold? Were Admiral Byrd and Adolf Hitler’s suspicions right? Is the Hollow Earth theory credible? There’s even more—the latest news from Israel—an interview with David Brennan, author of the Israel Omen—Russian UFOs  and new, laboratory revelations from alien implant physician, Dr. Leir. Yes, it’s easily the best Watchers DVD yet!


Chitzen Itza Trip! 

We made our number and Russ Dizdar, Richard Grund, Larry B. and I are going to Chitzen Itza!  Thanks to all who helped by contributing.  Your prayers are needed now!   L.A.

Yucatan 2012


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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains!

Katla Eruption Levees in South Iceland Checked

Iceland Review Online: Daily News from Iceland, Current Affairs, Business, Politics, Sports, Culture


More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs

More than 100 small earthquakes shake Spanish Springs – My News 4 – KRNV, Reno, NV


French business erupts in fury against “disastrous” François Hollande

French business erupts in fury against “disastrous” François Hollande – Telegraph


Iraqi Shi’ite militants fight for Syria’s Assad

Iraqi Shi’ite militants fight for Syria’s Assad | Reuters


Netanyahu’s security lite vs Khamenei’s $1 m UAV reward to Hizballah

Netanyahu’s security lite vs Khamenei’s $1 m UAV reward to Hizballah


Abounding Lawlessness – Signs of the Last Days

The Ignorant Fishermen Blog: Abounding Lawlessness – Signs of the Last Days



Muhammad Saad Al-Azhari Rationalizes Child Marriage, Rape, Abuse in New Egyptian Constitution | Video | TheBlaze.com

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Endless War….

Posted by lamarzulli on February 10, 2012

Commentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. – YouTube

The total influence (of the military industrial complex) economic, political, even spiritual is felt in every city, every courthouse, every office of the Federal government… D. D. Eisenhower Jan 17, 1961

Eisenhower’s sobering warning rings true, decades after he delivered,  his landmark farewell speech.  We now have over 700 military bases world-wide that in my mind is an hegemony.  How has the military-industrial complex grown into the glutted behemoth that is has become?  Where did the Libyan rebels get their rocket launchers from?  Who is arming the Syrian rebels?   Why are we in Afghanistan 10 years after we supposedly cleared most of the Taliban out?

Who profits from the yearly trillion-dollar opium harvest?   Why are we still in a country that will only revert to its previous condition, of tribal rivalries,  the moment we leave?

Recently a US Army officer accused the military of painting a misleading picture of the war.  Here’s the link: Officer breaks ranks on Afghan war

This is what the Lieutenant-Colonel Daniel Davis stated in the article:  “What I saw bore no resemblance to rosy official statements by US military leaders about conditions on the ground,” Colonel Davis wrote in an article published in Armed Forces Journal, a private newspaper not affiliated with the Pentagon. Instead, I witnessed the absence of success on virtually every level,” he wrote under the headline, ”Truth, Lies And Afghanistan: How military leaders have let us down”.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/officer-breaks-ranks-on-afghan-war-20120207-1r5km.html#ixzz1lzcTLMac 

We produce graphic, violent, video war-games and our sons spend hours looking at bloody images of the dying “enemy.”  Is this deliberate conditioning so that they will accept war as a normal activity?   Take a look at the picture above from Syria.  Those are the bodies of real people, with lives like yours and mine.  They had hopes and dreams, and they most likely loved their children just like we love ours.  Now they’re gone, a causality, a statistic, collateral damage, that are left in the wake of a dictator that is contemplating using chemical weapons on his own people, in a last resort to hold onto the reigns of power.

By no means am I a pacifist, as I will defend my family if I they are threatened.  Thus, war is sometimes necessary, as was the case in WWII.  Had Hitler won, there wouldn’t be one Jew left alive on the planet and Fascism would rule most or all of Europe,  but this ongoing, endless war is a different animal.

In closing todays post:   In The Book Of Enoch, we are told that one of the Angels instructed men how to make weapons. This was the handiwork of one of the Fallen Angels, and it set mankind on a dreaded course that we have been on ever since.  We hear that The Most High God admonished Cain, that while sin was crouching at the door he could overcome it.  Cain succumbed to the whisperings of the Fallen One and Abel’s blood cried out from the ground.  War is not the natural order of things.  There is no glory in it, as my father who was decorated with two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, could not talk about WWII, 50 years after the events without breaking down and weeping bitterly.  We are told that when Yashua/Jesus returns:  They will beat they’re swords into plow shares and men will learn war no more.   What a promise this is… world peace, but it will only be achieved when The Prince of Peace returns to set up His millennial Kingdom.   This is what we have to look forward to and it is our blessed hope and will end the endless war that continues day after day….


Hello Mr. Marzulli,
         I have just finished your wonderfully written book The Cosmic Chess Match and I’m still amazed how it has altered my thinking on how I view the Holy Scriptures. I could hardly put the book down when I started it. From beginning to end I thanked our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for your service to the King of Kings. Every Christian needs to read this book to be greatly encourage in our battle against the Deceiver, Satan. May God continue to bless you and your family. I can’t wait to read more of your books. Continue to keep up the work God has planned for you. I hope some day to meet you either in this life or the next in the Eternal Kingdom that God is building.
                                 Yours in Christ,
                                     Bob DeHaan

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Antelope Valley Prophecy Conference


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17-19: Nephilim Agenda Full Disclosure

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March 9,10,11 – Kentucky – CONTACT —> Prodigal Ministries – Home
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March 16-18 – Mingled Seed – OHIO – St. John’s Lutheran Church – 6004 Linnville rd. -Newark, Oh. 43056

 Contact info: Shalena Debs
April 13-15: L.A. Marzulli returns to Temple Beth Or – Georgia! – Details Coming
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May 18-19: Vienna Ohio Conference with Russ Dizdar: Details coming soon
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July: 13 -15 BRANSON Prophecy Conference – www.prophecyinthenews.com
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October: So-California Prophecy Conference – Details coming soon!
December 21: Chitzen Itcha, Mexico – Conference – Details coming.
Links to all speaking engagements will be up soon! 
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Disclaimer: L. A. Marzulli speaks at a variety of venues that feature other speakers.
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In Other News: Tracking the Birth Pains…

European cold weather kills hundreds, saps power systems, freezes Danube 

World News: European cold weather kills hundreds, saps power systems, freezes Danube – thestar.com


Activists: Assad Forces Kill 60 in Syria’s Homs, Hospitals Overwhelmed 

Activists: Assad Forces Kill 60 in Syria’s Homs, Hospitals Overwhelmed | Middle East | English


Egypt’s feminists prepare for a long battle 

Egypt’s feminists prepare for a long battle – Features – Al Jazeera English


Indonesia’s Mt. Lokon Erupts, Hurling Ash Cloud into the Sky

Indonesia’s Mt. Lokon Erupts, Hurling Ash Cloud into the Sky – Volcano – ubAlert


Gunbattles, kidnappings, carjackings: US expands Mexico travel warning 

Overhead Bin – Gunbattles, kidnappings, carjackings: US expands Mexico travel warning


White House to announce ‘accommodation’ on contraceptive policy



Russia’s Putin warns against outside interference 

Russia’s Putin warns against outside interference – Yahoo! News

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Endless War…

Posted by lamarzulli on June 9, 2011

I was up until 2 in the morning dealing with my parents, as my mom spent most of the night in the emergency room. She’s back at home resting but I’m exhausted so here’s a short blog….
I read this morning that the USA, is conducting secret air strikes in Yemen. OK… so that’s war #4, which us yet another war without congressional approval. Why not just throw out the constitution right now, and declare ourselves a fascist state. We can wear arm bands, and start goose-stepping to our workplace, and sing patriotic songs at the water cooler, and report suspicious activities to the proper authorities and conduct random pat-downs just in case someones grandmother is wearing an explosive suicide belt!
President Eisenhower warned us of the military, industrial complex before he left office. What we see in 2011 is endless war with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Yemen. I wish I had the video playing right now of Obama telling the people BEFORE the election how he was going to bring our blood and treasure, back home and close Gitmo! Well here we are 2.5 years later and the war rages on, 45 million people are on food stamps, foreclosures are at depression level numbers, and our government has grown bigger…this is the change we can believe in?
Yesterday a SWAT team broke into an apartment and arrested a man without a warrant. It’s ok though because it wasn’t you or me, it was someone else, that had the jack boot on his back, at least for now.
America is at a crossroads and unless we the people take control of the weasels and Weiners that are our leaders, all will be lost. Just think 45 million people on food stamps…. We haven’t seen this since the great depression.
In closing todays’ post: The Military Industrial complex absorbs billions of our tax dollars. We are all over the globe, “policing” it while making sure that the rebels in Libya can “purchase” heavy artillery from their local fallafal stand. God help us….

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