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The Coming Food Shortage? Hey Honey – what’s for dinner?

Posted by lamarzulli on January 24, 2011

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L. A. Marzulli

Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots

OK, It’s Monday morning and I’m back at my post, scanning the Internet for pertinent stories that relate to the political, prophetic, and the supernatural. Here’s a story that may or may not be true. I tried calling the White House to speak with Mr. O, to vet the story, but was politely told that the President was busy and couldn’t take my call!

So here’s the beef, or perhaps lack of it in the future… We know that record drought and floods have affected certain areas of the globe. The question is this, will farmers be able to rebound? We can never underestimate the human spirit and our ingenuity to solve a crises. However, with all of these disasters happening in a short time-frame, it raises the specter that food shortages may, in fact, become a grim reality. We have had fires in Russia, drought in China, record heat wave in India, drought in Canada, flooding in Australia, drought & fires in the Ukraine, floods in Pakistan, drought in Bolivia & Argentina.

I am alarmed at what I see and I link this to the birth-pangs that we are told will happen at the end of days. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if there are floods and droughts, impacting a good chunk of the worlds farmland, what will follow will be food shortages.

In Tunisia, last week – oh well that was last week and the story has slipped off the news wires – food shortages and the inflated price of food toppled the government as people took to the streets in protest.

I’ll say it again for the umpteenth time. We need to stockpile food for what may happen in the future. It’s not being a right-wing, whako to do this. It’s just good common sense. Food and water are the basic commodities that are needed to sustain human beings. Having a hoard of gold won’t help you much if there’s nothing for dinner. We can’t eat gold bricks!

In closing todays post, I would like to admonish those of you who have not stockpiled food and water to do so now. If a disaster happens it’s to late. If this year turns out to be anything like 2010, we may see a sharp rise in food prices. If there are more events like the Australian floods, or the drought in Russia, it may impact food availability in ways that we have never seen in this country before. That familiar cry of, Hey Honey what’s for dinner, may become a fading echo of better times…


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