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148 Responses to “Acceleration Radio”

  1. Our POTUS have been seriously made into New World Order puppets, due to this event and that of his brother Bobby. Who the shooters are has nothing to do with it. The protection is the problem, the secret service agent shrugged his shoulders with great exaggeration having been called off the back of the JFK’s Limo by his superior. Not every agent has to be in on the conspiracy or has to know what is happening. Their check is paid by the US treasury which brings us back to the private FED. You are under their supervision and care. In the MOB its called protection money, instead of money it is pass a bill here go to war there. Agent good guy can be relieved for agent not so good guy if necessary. Capisce?

  2. Tim OBrien said

    Mr. Marzulli,
    Have you researched Jewish lineage? Why through the mother? Too keep the bloodline pure? What events throughout the bible reflect this method of keeping out the demonic DNA? Nimrod is an example of contamination.. what battles did GOD have wage?
    Tim O`Brien

    • Brett said

      because the Adamic (nature of sin) curse is passed through the mans side of the union, not the women side.

  3. Dear LA,

    I witnessed something interesting this morning and would like your opinion.

    At about 0710am PST, in NW corner of WA state, I was on my way home from work (I work night shift) and pulled over to look at the sky, since it was clear (a rarity here) and was looking towards the moon which was in the west. I had been looking for Jupiter, and saw what I thought at first was Jupiter, but it was above the moon (should’ve been below the moon getting ready to set). As I watched for about 30 seconds or so, I determined it was moving, but it didn’t have any blinking lights on it like a plane does. I decided to watch it go by to see if the blinking lights were in the back of it, but it cruised north of me from west to east eventually disappearing not on the eastern horizon, but higher up in the sky it just disappeared, kind of like when you watch a satellite. But it was too light out to see a satellite, and it was pretty big and bright. It was not the space station, because I had just watched that 2hrs earlier, and it is only visible for a couple of minutes at a time. This object left no trail (con or chem) and I didn’t hear any droning…

    Did I really see a UFO? Or is there another logical explanation out there?

    Thank you for your time!

    Traci Gage
    Bellingham, WA

    • Patrick said

      Try this:

      http://spaceweather.com/flybys/index.php (then input your zip code)

      There are many different satellites of various shape, size and altitude, so it could be one different than what you’ve seen before.

      Puyallup, WA

    • Thanks, Patrick! I don’t think it was a satellite though, since it was quite bright (the magnitudes from the site you gave are not super bright) and traversed the whole sky from west to east, where as when I saw the space station it was only visisble for <2minutes. It seems like it should have been a plane as bright as it was, only there were no blinking lights…

  4. Steve Casteel said

    Is there an archived shows link? I would like to listen to past shows. I really enjoy listening to your thoughts and opinions. I have read cosmic chess match and even gotten a few family members to do so. I plan to write a book of my own in the coming year or so. But as for now, I would like to get as much info as possible and I respect your opinion.

    • Alicia Rae said

      If you use a podcast app on your cell phone and type in acceleration radio, his should come up. I have done this on my android. it also may be under fringe radio network.

    • David said

      To download MP3 archives of LA’s show:
      click the link at the top of this page, it says, “click here to listen live thursdays…”
      Find the show you need to hear on the list the link above takes you to. In the posting for the show, click the “continue reading” link.
      On the page with the full post, right click the download link and pick “save target as” or “save link as” depending on your browser, from the right click options menu;
      path to a location on your HDD if you want it in a folder other than your downloads folder, and click the ” save” or download button. The set up for this in Win8.x is a little different but essentially the same procedure. After the file downloads you can use media player to listen to it.

  5. Robert Richardson said

    Why am I Soooooo captivated by ufo phenomenon!!! Fallen ones and end time stuff!!!! Can’t seem to get enough of it

  6. Joel said

    Hello Mister Marzulli,

    First of all, a big thank you for your six Watchers documentaries you have produced. They are really well done, interesting, and enjoyable.
    I just wanted to write you concerning the Cattle mutilations events happening here and there. I was pondering the reasons given in the documentary. And lately it came to my mind one possibility which could be added to the reason why they need to gather so much from mutilated cattle.
    It’s completely hypothetical, but it could have some interest. So I give it to you here under.

    – Let’s put the foundation first with Genesis 1
    The later verses of the first chapter tend to allude to the fact that, when humans were created, they had only plants to eat, and no meat at all. We are, in this instance, still in a perfect condition – how things were supposed to be –> not animal killing, no blood shedding.
    When we read the genealogy we are always gob smacked by the longevity of the people in those days – with an average of 900 years they live pretty old.
    Then, came the Genesis 6 episode with the Nephilim and what it lead to : the Flood.
    – Now, let’s go to Genesis 11
    Let’s consider what is happening in this specific genealogy – the age pyramid is shrinking suddenly fast. Why? What could be the trigger for that sudden downgrade of ages?
    We can clearly see that it’s not really a smooth progression, it is brutal. For instance, in one generation we have 350 years of difference between Noah and Shem, in only ONE generation (Noah died at 950, Shem at 600).
    Genesis Age Genealogy after the Flood – Noah 950, Shĕm 600, Arpaḵshaḏ 438, Shelaḥ 433, Ěḇer 464, Peleḡ 239, Re῾u 239, Seruḡ 230, Naḥor 148, Teraḥ 205, Abraham 175, Isaac 180, Jacob 147, Joseph 110.
    From Noah to Joseph we have a drop of 840 years in age for humans, that’s pretty brutal for a change considering that before the flood the average stayed around 900 (Enoch being an exception).

    – The question then is, as stated above, Why? What could be the trigger for that sudden downgrade of ages?
    Well maybe the answer can be alluded to in Genesis 9
    When Yahweh made His Covenant with Noah, He stated than NOW (at that moment) He give the permission to eat meat. This does not mean that no humans did it before, but that before Yahweh said it, it was not supposed to be done. And there could be the catch, by eating meat, the life expectancy of man was shortened to reach a balance around 70 – 80 years old as King David says in one of his psalms.
    This being said, the animals which were permitted to be eaten were – coincidence or not – cattle animals: Goat, Lamb, Cows. We can understand that from that time on, humans began to eat meat on a larger scale than – eventually – before. Maybe Noah abstained which could explain is longevity.
    But why did Yahweh suddenly permit man to eat meat, when before the Flood they were supposed to eat plants as their diet? Was it not precisely to impact the gene of mankind He created to prevent the Nephilim to reappear too easily? I know that there still were Nephilim (in the sense of Giants) after the Flood, but they seem to be scattered and a minority compare to before the Flood when they look like a dominating species.
    In a sense, maybe the gene which gave humans there longevity is precisely the one which makes the creation of Nephilim Giants possible when it was tempered with the Son of Elohim “gene pool”.
    By permitting to eat meat, the Creator seem to introduce a bias in the diet which He knew would impact the human gene pool and then weakened the specific gene the Son of Elohim needed to recreate their descendants once again.
    So then, what if mutilating cattle was – for the Fallen – also a way to study and find what triggered the sudden weakening of the human genes and the brutal drop in age, so has to be able to reverse its influence (to circumvent Yahweh’s action) and reinforce, through manipulation, the possibility of recreating their progeny?
    Also, considering swine to be closer to human (organs transplant for instance) than cattle, why mutilating cattle and not swine? Is it not because when Yahweh permitted human to eat meat He also indicate what kind of meat was to be eaten by mankind – the cattle (clean animals)? And if it was clean animal that Yahweh permitted to eat, would it not make sense that it is that variety of animal which cause the problem with the human gene (as look upon from the Fallen perspective)?
    The idea of meat impacting the human cells (in which is the DNA) is not unreal – studies have been made showing a link between the increase of cancer (Cell degeneration) and the increase of meat consumption (especially red meat – ox, cow, etc). The reverse is true also, those who abandon or diminish radically their meat intake and have a green based diet tend to have a low cancer impact… and less other illness also.

    I do not pretend at all I’m right in any way, it is just a proposal, an idea for the cattle mutilation phenomenon. Well hoping that the way I wrote it was clear enough (English is not my mother tongue, trying then my best to write in a coherent English) What do you think about the idea?

    Have an excellent day ahead,
    Best regards,

    BTW, I’m not a scientist, neither have any academic degrees in my possession, just interested in the world around me. I’m a Belgian living actually in the Philippines.

    • David said

      Anthony Sanchez did an interview with an insider whistleblower whose handle was “Colonel X”. This retired colonel tells of his experiences working at the underground R/D facility just north of Dulce NM inside Archuleta Mesa which is bisected by the state line with Colorado. A “hive” of greys was discovered there back in 1940, and since then a strange relationship developed with us that I would call mutual parasitism. They got permission to do those mutilations, and the excised parts were used to make a kind of protein solution they need for their diet. I don’t know what the greys really are. They have explained it to us, but why should anyone believe them? Beware: the subtlety of the deception can be very sophisticated from what I understand, I also understand it’s a serious subject, not made up woo-woo.

    • todd mcgee said

      ok sir have to correct you in that,the planet was garden of eden,it had a temperal climate,there was no hurricanes disease sickness or cancer simply because of a canopy of water right above the atmosphere,blocking out nearly all the suns radiation,read the first page again,he divided the waters
      and called the space inbetwix the sky…..that is also the water he used to cover the whole surface of the earth to its peaks…that and he broke up the water from below….any investigation will reveal the
      devastating effects of solar radiation…and that is the truth if you choose to believe

  7. Gail Drake said

    Hi Joel
    Your theory of the cattle mutilation and the change in life span is very interesting and well thought out. I enjoyed reading it. I have my own thoughts about the change in lifespan I thought it was due to the real “climate change” that occurred after the flood . There is a theory that earth had a canopy around it which might have protected humans from the ultraviolet rays of the sun creating a perfect climate and long lifespan. After that protection was gone the proteins in the human body which makes up the genes started degrading faster. God instructed Noah that he could eat meat to supplement his protein stores. Your explanation of the nephilim and the animal mutilations could be right though.
    Thank you for sharing you thoughts

    • Joel said

      Hi Gail,

      Thanks for your answer.
      In fact I also heard about the canopy theory and I do not reject it altogether – it would make sense to supplement the lost proteins due to high UV suddenly entering the atmosphere by another source of rich protein, and considering humans are flesh and blood it would have make sense that the protein could have been found in a flesh and blood replacement like animals with a rich protein source.

      This explain also why the idea proposed in my comment about the cattle mutilation is just a working hypothesis. When writing my comment the Canopy Theory was also appearing in my mind.

      Who knows, maybe the two ideas are not exclusive from each other after all – but then it remain to find a working hypothesis which could link the two. I must admit I like the beauty of the Canopy Hypothesis. Difficult to envision the period pre-flood sadly with a canopy above our head… it is sad in a sense, it must have been a strange place for us, mankind of the last days (Giants, Hybrids, 900 years old guys and gals walking around…) but certainly an interesting one. :-)

      This being said, I was pondering the age pyramid pre-flood as being also applied to animals – i.e. that they live also great lifespan like humans? Linked to the Canopy Hypothesis is also the idea of the dinosaurs and other animals leaving close by humans and becoming as big as their bones and skeleton shows because they had the time to grow so large (which could indicate a long life span also – Giant Deer, Mammoth, Giant Bear, Megatherium, etc).

      Well, wondering if L.A. has an opinion on this :-)

  8. I too have thoughts about the canopy theory. I am convinced that the canopy consisted of ozone that was perhaps 2 to 3 times thicker than what we have today. I have explained this on my website at tkicbs.blogspot.ca It is an explanation of a hollow earth and how the earth was created from the beginning in line with the Genesis account. It is thought by many that the Nephalim never really ceased to exist but rather retreated into this hollow earth. As for the canopy the earth was obviously much smaller before the flood. There is a video out that shows what is called the expanding theory that makes this very clear. It can be found on Youtube. And if the earth expanded to twice its size then it has to be hollow.
    This has great significance when studying end times because the final beast of chapter 9 in Rev comes out of the bottomless pit and remains only for 5 months. There are several scriptures throughout the bible that make perfect sense with a hollow earth that are usually thought to be symbolic of other things.
    On my site I explain many aspects of prophecy with the knowledge of a hollow earth. Rev 8 describes an asteroid hit that will move the earth out of its place according to Isaiah 13:9-13. The result according to Rev 8:12 is that the earth will be left spinning faster by 1/3 after the impact. It tells us 1/3 of the sun moon stars day night and light will be struck. If you spin the earth faster by 1/3 the days will be only 18 hours and that scripture will be true. Another scripture in Isaiah tells us the earth will sway like a drunkard on that day.
    Those who believe in a hollow earth generally believe that there is hole in the north pole leading inside through a 500 mile long 500 mile wide tunnel. They think this hole is open year round. However, Rev 9 tells us that the star has the key to open the pit.I believe the key is spinning the earth faster. Centrifugal force cause the ocean waters to be further from the center of gravity than the waters of the poles. By spinning the earth faster by 1/3 the centrifugal force at the equator will be increased by 1/3. This will draw the waters from the poles away and pile it up at the equator. By doing this he will expose the hole at the poles. Or at least the North Pole.
    The understanding of a hollow earth places a star at the core of the earth that is suspended some 3000 miles above the surface of the interior crust. This star shines down inside just as our sun shines down on the outside. It causes live inside much as it is out here. There are rivers, lakes, oceans, birds, animals and people of different kinds inside. It is very possible that the origin of the oriental race out here came from inside. That is speculation.
    The asteroid that will hit out here will move the earth and by doing this will dislodge the star that hangs at the center of the earth causing it to crash into the interior surface. This will put the light out in the beast’s kingdom and force him to come out here to take the surface. This is exactly what the Bible teaches.
    This puts a different slant on understanding end times. I explain the changes on my site. It is well worth the study.

  9. Donna Dean Lindsey said

    Dear L.A

    I am praying for you and your family……I know it is hard to see a loved one sick…love you and
    your ministry!

    Donna Dean

  10. DJ said

    First off congratulations with the award for Watchers 7. I have a question for you LA, do you see this discovery of the DNA from the Pracas elongated skull going in the direction of people saying these beings were aliens from another world? Many different news media sources are picking up this discovery. And you know how the Bible is always discredited so as not to prove that God exist. I got a feeling that this may be headed in that direction, I hope I’m wrong but we all know the rejection of the Almighty is very popular in these times that we are in.

    • lamarzulli said

      DJ. I think the preliminary DNA evidence points to the Nephilim. That has been my theory and one that I put forth in detail in the book ON the Trail!

    • DJ said

      I do hope that the findings are irrefutable that it is the Nephilim and no one can argue it, than it will prove to those that refuse to believe in the Bible and God. And much more.
      Thank you LA.

  11. jetserf said

    I use the PocketCasts app on ios. You can find the L.A. Marzulli podcasts under the Fringe Radio Networl>>Accelleration Radio.

  12. Shawn said

    Speaking of weather; Hurricane Issac was seven years after Hurricane Katrina. Also, the “Great Recession” was seven years after the crash caused after the fall of The World Trade Center Towers.

  13. C J Barton said

    The Scriptures tell us that our opponents have movable arguments, so trying to pin them down is like nailing jello to the wall. They will use passive denial of God and the Gospel, as well as circumlocution to explain away the Nephilim, who are described already in truth in the Bible. Also, many venues apparently are preparing the public for “alien” visitation, so this form of deception is a valid theory, I think.

  14. Patrick said

    Regarding your cold… I started taking (caution: going to use a brand name) Ester-C 1000mg twice a day, one in the AM and second one in the PM. After listening to a radio program late one Sunday night that detailed the how’s and why’s Vitamin C works in the body and why this particular one works so much better than others, I decided to try it.

    I had just taken a job that had 4 weeks a year personal absence time that could be taken as sick time or vacation time. I wanted to maximize vacation time and minimize sick time. As it turned out, I haven’t had a cold or flu since I started. It has been nearly 3 years since I started taking this particular vitamin C in May of 2009. I am almost 54 and have normally had at least two colds and a flu every year or worse since I can remember, so it has been absolutely amazing that I have gone this long without getting sick with a cold or flu.

    I can’t repeat most of what I heard on the radio show (lucky you :-) other than what I took away from it was that the formula in Ester-C is gentle to your system and time released so your body can use it instead of quickly eliminating it. Taking it before bed was important since your body does a lot of healing while you sleep and taking it in the morning boosts your immune system to help your body fight off any exposure to viruses during the day when you are more likely to encounter germs.

    So this might help you fight your current cold and more importantly help you not get a cold or flu in the future. …And who knows what else. (Pestilences?)

  15. In reference to Genesis 6:3, I am quite certain that the term “nephilim” is being commonly mis-used by commentators on the web and in webcasts. When the KJV says “There were giants in the earth in those days” it should have been translated “There were fallen ones in the earth in those days”, for that’s exactly what the word “nephilim” means. The giants never had an exalted position from which to fall! The giants are specifically referenced in the same verse as “mighty men”. The Hebrew word here is “gibborim”, which is accurately rendered as “mighty ones”. It doesn’t mean in any way that they were human beings, for the giants were not human. KJV renders a very poor translation of the Hebrew text here, and cannot be trusted. Also the word “nephilim” is a plural, and should never be used to refer to an individual entity. The singular word is “naphal”. One naphal, a number of nephilim. The nephilim are the fallen angels, not the giants. Thank you…

    Wayne Warmack
    teacher of Hebrew
    Rogers Arkansas USA

  16. JOSEPH said

    I noticed Wayne that you say the giants were not human. Does this mean you are not denying the fact that they exist? If so what is your explanation of who and what they are. I read a story somewhere where this guy brought someone to a cave and showed him the skeleton of what he says was a 30ft Armorite. Is this one of the giants that you may be talking about?

  17. Calvin said

    Is there a reason why acceleration radio is not posted to his blog for this site for us to listen to it later. Thank you

  18. JOSEPH said

    This morning I was listening to a talk radio show and a lady called in and told of this fellow called the burn doctor. He takes information over the phone and the burns heal! or so people claim. the site is burndoctor.com. Hes out in the San Fernando Valley. Has anyone heard of this guy and what do you think L.A. and Gang ?

  19. Jumpin Joe said

    I have been studying some of Zechariah Sitchin’s work. I dont know if its true but both him and Joseph Smith both talked about people who came to the Americas from Europe. In Smiths case it was the jaredites possibly one the lost tribes that weren’t taken into captivity in Babylon. Sitchin got his info from the sumerian tablets he supposedly translated, Joseph Smith got his info from Egyptian hieroglyphics.Sitchin called the planet Nibiru. Smith called the planet Kolob. I think NASA calls it Planet X. If you read the Book Of Mormon it talks about a great battle that took place between the Lamanites and the Nephites. In the Book of Mormon Alma 48: 8 it talks about series of circular forts were constructed in the southern tier of the Great Lakes from New York to Indiana. They found a mass graveyard there where there was some type of a massacre as written by Smith. I believe the Ohio mounds and bones might ring a bell. It is also in upstate New York near Lake Erie that giants graveyards are found. A great war was documented in both the Mormon Bible and the Lene Lenape Algonquin Indian History or the Walum Olum. The heading on one of the articles I read was;”The Nephilim Chronicles:Fallen Angels In The Ohio Valley” The other article Nibiru is Kolob. Sitchin vs. the Mormon LDS. What do you think could there be a connection? Maybe thats how the drawing of the ancient astronaut got to the Americas and in the Egyptian Pyramids, Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs all seemed to have the same drawing. Also Sitchin claims that the temple mount in Isreal is a launching pad from whence the Annunaki took off back to Nibiru. Is there any truth to any of this?

  20. Jumpin Joe said

    Actually your time is off its !;44 a.m. right now as I write lets see if it matches,

  21. If I may please clarify my March 3 comments: The word “Nephilim” means FALLEN ONES. These are the fallen angels, the fathers of the giants. How could the giants be “fallen”, as they never held an exalted status as the fallen angels do? If the giants are the “fallen ones”, from whence did they fall? The use of the word “Nephilim” to refer to these degenerate humanoids makes no sense. There is a variety of words in the Hebrew text which refer to the giants. Some are Gibborim (in Gen.6), Refaim, Zamzummim, Zuzim, Anakim, and Emim. OK, I’ll quit beating my dead horse now. And my apologies to you, Mr Marzulli. Spite of my argument, I truly hold you in the highest esteem for your excellent work, and I enjoy it greatly. Thank you, everyone.

    Rogers Arkansas

  22. JOSEPH said

    111111111X111111111=12345678987654321 Do I have to explain this to anyone? If you know hebrew and your a scholar you would know that numbers have meaning and verify scriptures. Wayne you say you know hebrew. Do you know Micheal Ben Zehabe? He too is a Hebrew scholar who happens to be my neighbor. He took the Song of Solomon and put the words to a mathematical formula and thru composer produced beautiful melodies. Anyway I’ve been questioning him about Genesis 6:2. Anybody know anything about the number sequence above ? Do you have any thoughts Mr. Marzulli ? Joseph

  23. JOSEPH said


  24. JOSEPH said

    Heres something else, Why no 0 and what if ? Someone please share your thoughts! Joseph

  25. Brian said

    Any thoughts on the possibility that the Malaysia Airlines jet might have been snatched right out of the air by “aliens”(fallen angels)?? Just seems like an increasing likelihood the more time passes!

  26. JOSEPH said

    From what I have read and observed thru watching Sid Roth! Tom Horn stated that when people were abducted if they said the name JESUS that the aliens released them. Apparently there were no Christians on the flight or they really don’t know the power of prayer. I suggest we pray for them. Jumpin Joe (Joseph) That was my volleyball nickname.

  27. JOSEPH said

    How come the time and day never matches for instance I posted the above comment at 6:29 p.m. 3/11/14 you got it at 3/12/14 Whats up am I in a time warp? Jumpin Joe

  28. JOSEPH said

    What’s that magician’s name that makes jets vanish. Maybe he did it? You never know he may be an alien! Maybe I’m one.You never know? I joust .

    • JOSEPH said

      About a year or so ago a girl blogged that she was abducted and and used to incubate hybrids. Maybe thats where the person got the DNA sample from her supposed hybrid offspring Time Warp Joe

  29. Patrick said

    On a more serious note: A new movie promo that was seen on Wired Magazine promotes human DNA modification. *** Please pray for protection before viewing it. ***
    The movie deals with splicing human DNA with other animals and the result being “a mistake.” The voice over (Director Vincenzo Natali) talks about it being a horror movie, but references evolution of humans into something “better.” Again, pray for protection before viewing this, it demonstrates just how demonic Hollywood has become, but I believe it to be important to warn others about this and that it has consequences far beyond today’s headlines opens a door to what Jesus warned about when he said: “as in the days of Noah.” (The movie has absolutely nothing to do about Noah the movie.)


    God bless.

  30. I can’t believe I’m saying this, because I’ve never said it before about anyone. But in regards to your format I actually enjoy you going over current news and “ranting”.

  31. Patrick said

    From: http://www.spaceweather.com – SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT? Later today in Brazil, an international team of astronomers will announce a controversial discovery in the outer solar system. According to an ESO media advisory, “the unexpected result raises several unanswered questions and is expected to provoke much debate.” The press conference, to be held in Portuguese, commences at 18:30 CET (15:00 BRT) on March 26th. Stay tuned for the surprise.


  32. jetserf said

    This site suggests the announcement has to do with rings around an asteroid.


  33. Michael Morin said

    Hi Lynn, thank you for exposing the truth with all your research regarding Genesis 6 and the Alien encounters over this worlds history. I have your Watcher’s series and have shared them with many true believers and non believers alike. They can only come to the same conclusion as you do as the exact account of the days of Noah. I do have a question that I can not answer that individuals have asked, hopefully you can shed some light. Is there any evidence today that can tell us if our DNA has been contaminated with fallen angel DNA? A hot topic as others want to make sure they do not have any trace in their DNA. Your input is highly welcomed. Thanks, Michael in Minnesota.

  34. One thing to just consider. The gigants. “Created the dinosaurs’. The book of enoc say, they even sin against the animals!!.

  35. Patrick Sheehan said

    That might explain the weirdness of the T-Rex… ???

  36. dan said

    Where is 27th Thursdays show and 3rd Thursdays show? Fringe radios people seem to put the archives together without faithful determination. L A. Deserves better….

    • Dr Flash said

      Good point Dan. I have recently tried following Larry on the Fringe Radio, but their information of past and future shows is minimal. I plan to try listening or skyping the show this coming Thursday. Hopefully Larry’s and the Fringe radio schedule is still the same. Blessing

  37. Dr Flash said

    I attended the Orlando Conference, where Larry M. spoke (and done an excellent presentation). I have been trying to educate myself and others about the overall topics of the Nephilim and The Alien Agenda etc. I am trying to get information on the Earthworks (Mound Park/Tremper Mound) in Portsmouth Ohio. Information is quite limited, but evidence does point toward the Nephilim origin, in many instances. Ironically, the stories the hear about Witch/Wicca Covens seem to be linked or in the area of these mounds (These type of mounds are common hot spots of demonic activity according from what I have learned thus far). Any comments/leads would be appreciated. I also note that the Newark Nephilim Conference is sold out unfortunately. (Good for Larry though!). I am new at this blogging, so please bare with me. One last note- The last comment I see on this website is dated April 6-2014… is anyone still on here? Blessings Dr Flash

  38. perry waldrop said

    please do not ignore the noahide laws,while everyone is distracted by muslims,there is a faction of khatars who would put you to death just as quickly as the muslim if you are a christian and believe in jesus,the sons of esau now controll israel for a time,but is necessary so the edomites can’t say God wasn’t fair in the stealing of their birthright by jacob,but time is short,and those preachers who speak lies from the pulpits,and lead their people with destruction will see the timrs of trouble first,just like jesus did in the temple,he will correct his own,before he goes to the world.

  39. Brook said

    L.A. I’ve been extremely disappointed with the crop of politicians running for office this year. Forget about being Christian, they don’t even have an understanding of our Constitution or have ever served in our military. No wonder we’re going down the tubes. Your thoughts?

  40. Christine McBrier said

    Thank you for getting the word out. Perfect timing, as usual.
    Just a small question: most sink holes are very obviously just that– sink holes… Also timely. But perhaps the perfectly round ones are fresh water wells for giant previous Nephillim? They were, after all still partially human or beast, requiring water…
    Thank you again.
    Christine McBrier

  41. Tiffiney said

    Dear Mr. Marzulli, I need to know the first step to take and the information i need to refer my family and friends to not only be aware of the events that are happening this present time, but to also make them aware of the great deception that is being put in place to happen… I have to say that I have tried to present videos to my immediate family which happen to be all males who are easily bored and i have trouble relaying this information and keeping their attention; mainly my husband and my two teenage sons… They are all confessed believers in Jesus christ but seem to down play the times we are currently in and seem to be caught up more in their life e.g., pursuing their careers, and hopes for their future… I am frequently making suttle comments and informing them at random times of what is going on, and pointing out various tactics of the media, government, and the satanic agenda.

    What I would like to be able to do is find something or someone who can speak to my family on these issues, and to know I at the least gave them the correct info about all of this stuff and be confident that I provided them with it. Then leave ultimate decision up to them if they will take the current world events seriously and prepare themselves for what is coming,

    Sorry so lengthly and i know I rambled a lot…. I am fully aware of the time at hand, and I am in no way paranoid and I do not desire to make anyone obesses or be paranoid about all that is happening (they need the Lord to make it through these times). However, I am concerned for my circle of influnce that the Lord has place in my life. I love them and I would not want any of them to parish or be decieved because I knew what was happening and didn’t tell them…

    FYI, there is so much information out there about all these things, I have no clue where to start for people who are not aware or completely in the dark…

    Looking forward to your reply
    Thanks for your time and all the great work you have done. May the Lord bless you and keep you. :o)

  42. Catherine Tingley said

    I have an off topic question (or maybe it isn’t?) How are they able to spray the whole world with chemtrails? Where are the chemicals being manufactured, all those planes come from, pilots etc. Is this a supernatural act? The whole world has never agreed on anything, but yet the whole world is being poisoned by these chemicals. Thank-you for speaking the truth, I enjoy listening to you!

    • Carolyn said

      I agree, obviously people can look in the skies and see the apparent trails. Those that are giving the orders to spray and those obeying those orders, do they not breathe, eat and drink from the same trough? Astounded by this lack of “who cares” ! Thanks

  43. Gail Drake said

    You are not alone my family who are ardent Obama supporters are ready to
    have me committed. They are ardently centered on their local lives with their trinkets and trivialities and when they listened to news it is nothing but propaganda. I now understand what Jesus meant when He said they have eyes but they dont see but ears but they don’t hear. They are truly deceived and now my sister will not talk to me. All you can do is keep beating the drum sounding the warnings. When you get a chance listen to You Tube -Pastor Paul Washers 3-4 minute discertation of The oncoming Christian Persecution in this country.

  44. Clarence said

    Tiffiney, I hope will be corrected if I am in error here,however, chemtrails are made of material that is believed to reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun (barium and aluminum) and therefore aid our natural canopy, ozone in protecting us from said rays. Those governing these events are more concerned with the ultraviolet damage than with the side effects and admit that they have not done studies on side effects for this reason. There is a group of world wide scientists who believe that the earth will not last much longer if mankind does not make some quick and drastic changes. However, if you study the thoughts of this group which are spelt out on the Georgia Guidestones, you will find that it seems they have a purpose for the side effects as well.
    is a link with a discussion by said scientists on the topic.

    Here is a link that explains why they should not be worried about said ultraviolet s rays explaining what God intends to do in the natural to correct the problem.


    • Catherine Tingley said

      Watch the You Tube video: Desiccated Human Blood in Chemtrails forget the Bull Sh** about ultra violet rays of the sun. They are trying to alter us.

  45. My question is: in the end times which I believe we are currently living in, are those that willing take the mark of the beast susceptible to be killed by those who are not? Since they took the mark of the beast are we (Christians) allowed to kill them since they are already judged and sentenced to perish in hell? Under God’s law we are commanded never to kill unless our lives or the lives of innocents and loved ones are under immediate threat of harm. We all understand this. We are also told to never kill because life is not ours to take and only the Lord’s to do so as he sees fit. I get that, but when a person is already doomed by taking the mark, are we then still not allowed to take their life? Their fates are already sealed accordining to the God’s word and in the end times these marked one will surely seek the blood of innocents and Christians with out a doubt. So again I ask are we as Christians allowed to destroy the weaker ones and make war upon them as they will surely do us?

    The time of laying down ones life for a person with the mark is out of the door I believe and I just may think that God has granted true Christians the right to take out the evil ones. Jesus was the ultimate example of love and his sacrifice tells us to only forgive and to lay down our lives in the name of commitment to love. But when the marked ones are already damned and cannot be redeemed and saved by God’s salvation, then can they be killed? That is my question.

    Thank you

    • todd mcgee said

      sure you can kill em,as long as you can saftly know they are damned,and unable to be saved…..how the hell you gonna know that….your not so focus instead on your immediate family and your spiritual ark.

  46. Nick said

    ADL’s Foxman warns of efforts to ‘Christianize America’


  47. joseph said

    If they take the mark then according to L.A. his theory is they become hybrids. Didn’t GOD say to extinguish them all thru the bible ?

  48. Interesting perspective, and you are correct. Taking the mark would alter their DNA making them the NEW version of nephilim hybrids. I believe that for the 1st time in all creation that the Father is giving his children open licence to make war in his name upon upon other human beings that have lost their way and are no longer redeemable. Prove me wrong.

  49. C J Barton said

    One speculation I have is about all the horrible judgments in Revelation. I conclude that those remaining on the Earth are largely those who serve the Beast and have their DNA altered in order to “live forever”. So, oops! the Earth begins to disintegrate and all those horrible things start happening, but they cannot die! They will suffer and pray for death but it will not come. That, perhaps, is Divine Irony.

  50. Catherine Tingley said

    Thank-you CJ Barton. Yes they will want to die but can’t.

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