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American Genocide….

Posted by lamarzulli on January 9, 2013

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Planned Parenthood: Over 333,000 Babies Aborted in 2011

And the American genocide continues, with 333,964 murders in 2011. That’s the figure proudly released by Planned Parenthood Federation of America in their report delineating how many abortions they performed in fiscal 2011. Doing some simple math reveals that the number of abortions performed equates to one abortion every 94 seconds.

We are living in a nightmare that has no end.  Every 94 seconds a baby is killed in its mothers womb.  Every 94 seconds a doctor somewhere in the USA performs an abortion.  Every 94 seconds….

Think of about that.

I am often asked why we don’t see miracles in this country.   The answer is simple, we are under a curse as a nation, as I believe abortion is a ritualistic, blood-sacrifice and is a scourge on our nation.  We have defiled ourselves and the God of Heaven is not pleased with this.  Our nation is spilt on the abortion issue, which is symptomatic of the culture-war we find ourselves in, as we are living in a post-Christian world.  The values that most Americans embraced 50 years ago have for the most part, vanished.

Millions of Americans see nothing wrong with abortion, however the old argument that women have reproductive rights collapses, of its own weight, when one embraces the philosophy that life begins at conception and that from that moment on there is a life, which has value.

What should the church do?  Can you imagine if we all stopped working.  If we boycotted the stores, the gas pumps, the theaters, the supermarkets.  In other words we called for a national strike and we weren’t going back to work until the abortion holocaust and the laws that allow it were taken off the books.  Of course the liberal media would have a field day, as well as planned parent hood in excoriating “those fundamentalist Christians who want to take away a women’s right to choose!

The church sleeps, and many people accept abortion as the status quo.  Remember this, when Roe vs Wade was taken before the Supreme court, a select group of only nine people decided the law that would lead to the American Holocaust with over 53 million aborted babies.   The blood of the innocents is on their hands.

abortion_2In closing todays post: Where is the outrage?  I will leave you with a picture of a newborn child ….. it speaks volumes.

Our airwaves are filled with pastors telling us about the blessings of God and the preaching of, “the prosperity gospel.”   How can God bless this nation, when a “doctor”  kills one of  Gods children every 94 seconds?

By the time you finish reading this article, another baby, perhaps two has been killed somewhere in this country.  God help us….


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81 Responses to “American Genocide….”

  1. Claudia said

    The people that God told the Israelites to destroy passed their children through the fires so that they could secure the “blessings” from their gods. All of those within our country who kill their unborn children to better their life are no different. A country who elects leaders to head their nation that support killing our babies and other things that are ungodly follows the dark one….and will be destroyed. When our country made it legal, it deceived the young children who were growing up in this country without much religious guidance (because folks were turning from God worship to material worship)….and they were led to believe that it is legal, it must be ok….my elders approved this procedure. They were also taught that human life does not begin at conception…so once again they were led by deception. The dark one has control of our country now….and he is coming back, and just as he deceived our nation, he will deceive the world. Our leaders are now appointing to key positions those who do not like Israel….exactly what the dragon wants. Our highest leaders are in his control. There were more than enough people who claim to be christian in our country that they could have cast their vote for the man who also believes in the 10 Commandments. But they did not because they were too busy waring with each other over church doctrine. God watched…He saw what mattered to these voters….their own petty man made wars of doctrine. They should be afraid, very afraid, and turn back to God, pure and Holy God, not the god painted in man’s image.

    LORD, My Father, My God, Who keeps His Words, Who shows mercy towards those who love Him and keep His commandments; We confess our sins and admit our unworthiness before you. All Correctness and Righteousness is Yours alone.

    Acknowledging this, we still come to You and ask for Your mercy and for Your forgiveness because You alone are the Source of all things. Enable us to help You restore our nation and our laws unto You, LORD. Have mercy on us and turn us from our iniquities back to Your Truth. O LORD, according to all Your Righteousness, I pray, let Your anger and Your fury be turned away from this our nation, founded by You in these latter times to be a Sanctuary for those seeking You. We have faile You. Do not let us be trodden down. Restore us to the purpose for which You created us…both as a people and as a nation. Have mercy on us for the sake of Your Name and those within our country who seek Your Will and desire Your Kingdom on earth above all else. Have mercy on us for Your Will’s sake alone, because we are not deserving, but rely totally on Your Mercy, LORD.

    Hear our prayer, reaching out…..seeking Your Everlasting Sustaining Strong Hand. Forgive us Lord and supply what You know we need to overcome the situations we will find ourselves in so that we can endure until Your return. Grasp our outreached hand within Yours and restore us quickly before the dark consumes our land. Save us for Your purpose, and grow Your Truth in all peoples and nations, especially Israel. Pull us to our feet so that we can be a worthy friend of Israel in these latter times.

    In the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Savior, and returning King of Kings, we, who have the testimony of Jesus Christ, Your Son, ask of You these things; giving You all of the love within our hearts. Thank You, Father.


  2. Claudia said

    PS…the “dark one” as used in my above post refers to the dragon, satan, lucifer, etc….and in no way was meant to reflect anyone’s skin color, but the color of the heart of the dragon who rebelled against God.

    • Matt said

      Claudia said “The dark one has control of our country now….and he is coming back”

      Claudia, thank you for clearing that up. I didnt know if you were refering to Satan or Ricardo Montalban ;)

  3. Eric W. said

    Loved the “federal funds only go to ‘preventative measures’ ” talking point I heard last night with this story. Amazing and sinister how much falls under that descriptive.

    We saw this story last night and that’s why we’re finished right there.

    Before we get into arming all of Israel’s enemies, exporting filth, throwing God out, and all the other things we’ve done for decades, this is the big one right here. We need go no further than this right here to know that we’re finished. Over and out. Stick a fork in it.

    • Eric W. said


      Big time kudos to Matt Drudge for this. Goes right along with what L.A. wrote today.

  4. richard said

    I shouldnt comment on this subject because its the elephant in the room for me. My college girlfriend who I ended up marrying became pregnant in the fall of 1994. We werent exactly elated with the news that she was pregnant because she was on birth control but due to her irregular thyroid her birth control became ineffective and she became pregnant. “She was on Thyroid medication.”

    Several months into pregnancy her parents “out off all people” called to tell her that if she did not have an abortion that they would never speak to her again. They called every morning harassing her. It became too much at the time. Sadly she did have an abortion. Planned Parenthood mistakenly sent the results to our home instead of our Dr.s. It was a little boy. The details were graphic and the records described the sucking off of arms and legs off. We were both devastated. It in the end destroyed our marriage.

    I only tell this story because I had another son his name is Jonathan which means a gift from heaven. I cant in my wildest imagination comprehend what my other son would look like or who he would be. He would be 18 this July. I would do anything to have that opportunity to say have that child again but I cant.

    I feel like I’ve killed someone in a car accident. However I find joy in knowing that I will be reunited with him soon and he will forgive me.

    Planned Parenthood reported receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer support in fiscal 2012, marking a steady increase in government funding despite Republican-led efforts at the state and federal levels to cut off that stream

    My proposed solution to the plan has been introducing a bill that gives government subsidies for 9 months like unemployment while a female is pregnant, until the baby can be adopted. Adoptive parents could pay a portion of that subsidy for the baby.

    Females that I have spoken to, that have had an abortion simply have one because there is no outside support, emotionally or financially. Think about how many babies could be saved with the governments support.

    Whats more astounding is that there are over 50 million abortions in China every year.

    Every mother in my opinion that has had an abortion harbors guilt for life so does the father. I know I do. Even Wade in Roe v Wade changed her mind and is now a staunch supporter of pro-life.

    More needs to be done to support the pregnant mother I guess is my position.

    Sadly I have to agree. Satan won a child that God had plans for because his life was sniffed out.
    A blood sacrifice was given to Satan.

    Another sign of the times. I like to think of those children in a large field playing with Jesus : )

    • amaezed said

      Thank you, Richard, and God bless you! I’m sure that your first-hand account will be a blessing to a lot of people here as they realize that they’re not alone on a very personal level. Also, your words on forgiveness and the life of the children with Jesus are so encouraging.

      This is a book that has been very helpful to a lot of women I know: Will I Cry Tomorrow?: Healing Post-Abortion Trauma by Susan M. Stanford.

    • Deirdre said

      Dear Richard,
      YAHWEY bless you for having the courage to share your testimony. I pray FATHER heal your heart/soul.
      Years ago when we had an abortion clinic in Chattanooga a group of people decided to pray outside the clinic on days it was closed. We repented for the sins of the nation and our city and begged YAHWEY to judge the owners and save them or judge them and destroy them. The two sisters that owned the clinic both died within months of each other. The clinic is now a Crisis Pregnancy Center. As far as your suggestion that would be good, however it is too late. The 5013C churches should have funded people instead of buildings.

    • Darla H. said

      Richard I love you brother!

      I too have gone through abortion in my younger years..I was young and stupid and had NO ONE in my life to help me deal with the issue and the pain of making that dreadful decision. My decision WAS based on not wanting to be homeless while I went through pregnancy..I had to work to survive …If I did not work I would be living on on the street in some box and that scared me to death absolute death…I was not saved at the time….God has washed me of all of this..

      I am glad Richard also spoke out because in all of this there needs to be balance as far as what is stated. We have to tell people that if they have walked down that road that God is the God of mercy and will wash and cleanse of from this unrighteousness.This does not put me in agreement with abortion it gives women who have had one a way to come before God and be healed and cleansed.

      No one will give up there job and quit gong to the market because they are responsible for the others in their lives. If you want to take a stand realistically, find a woman who is considering abortion and take her in….help her…tell her you will help and she will not be living out on the street where harm can come…Truly…We KNOW our government is corrupt and that this truly is human sacrifice to Molech….When they were sacrificing babies to Molech this is the only place in the bible that God show shock…He states “IT NEVER ENTERED MY MIND YOU WOULD DO SUCH A THING”.This is shock to the one who know everything beginning to end.and end to beginning….

      They will never stop aborting in this country…and the woman who was in Roe V Wade is now saved and has repented and truly hurts that this whole thing got started in this country.

      So if you truly want to do something about the situation…show mercy to a pregnant woman…take her into your home…let her know you are willing to go the extra mile with her…WWJD…what would Jesus do? These women have judged themselves harshly already…show mercy and DO SOMETHING to help them make a right choice…don’t just talk about it…..True religion is taking care of the widow and ORPHANS ( these babies are a type of orphan if they are aborted) and visiting those in prison….DO SOMETHING..do not just talk about it….

      God bless
      ps…If Matt is around I want to share something about Norry show in a while I have to write it out..

    • Darla H. said

      your comment: “Females that I have spoken to, that have had an abortion simply have one because there is no outside support, emotionally or financially. Think about how many babies could be saved with the governments support.”

      This is the very pinnacle of a womans choice in having a abortion..a vast majority anyhow…..

      We can give billions to corrupt bankers who give themselves bonus….this money could have gone for this very thing ..at least a few million….this makes me sick inside… absolutely sick to my guts…..

      If we are going to do something it is going to be on an individual basis.WWJD


      Love you Richard

    • Darla H. said

      I would like to add one more thing:

      There is a man of God “true prophet” of God, well known, who was asking God about the Presidency. He was inquiring before the Lord what was going on…No good person to choose from as far as running for President..he was asking God what was going on…The Lord spoke to him and said ” I had chosen a man for this Presidency….He was aborted 40 tears ago.”

    • Darla H. said

      40 years is what I meant but that came out appropriate too.

    • LookingUp said

      My heart aches for you, Richard. Men are often the unacknowledged victims of abortion since they have no legal rights to be involved in the life or death decision for their baby.

      I’ve been a counselor at different crisis-pregnancy-type facilities off and on for 30 years. Every one of them provided information on the different types of available support for unmarried pregnant women including food stamps, Medicaid, etc. Most had sponsoring families that were willing to provide room and board during her pregnancy, but that was rarely accepted. Adoption was always encouraged as an option, but the standard reply was “There’s no way I could give my baby away.” Killing it didn’t seem to bother most of them. There are many more couples who want to adopt than there are women willing to give their baby a chance at a life in a stable environment. The couples who are blessed with the opportunity to adopt pay for the expenses of the pregnancy and delivery.

      Texas produces one of the best pamphlets I’ve ever seen on fetal development with no references to abortion as an option or to facilities that provide abortions. Most women who actually see their baby choose not to abort, and Texas has an ultrasound law requiring every doctor to provide and show ultrasounds of the baby to the expectant mom. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. The one LA posted is beautiful. God hates hands that shed innocent blood, and there’s nothing more innocent than the unborn. It is a hot, violent spiritual battle.

      I disagree with this being another issue where the government needs to get involved. It’s the responsibility of the church individually and collectively. Does your church contribute any money to the local crisis pregnancy center or right-to-life organization? Homes for unwed moms? Do you? If your a guy, consider volunteering at a center to help mentor new dads or couples. May not be what God is calling you to do, but we can all do something. For sure pray for the moms to see the truth and choose life for their little one.

    • Darla H. said


      When I was going through it there was not even child care dollars to help with childcare should I have needed one…times have changed for sure but back then, when I was going through it….I had no home…….Food stamps would not have provided me with a place to live and an income to survive on….those things are provided now but minimal. That is why I too am saying if you are going to truly get into this subject you need to be willing to put your time, effort and money were your mouth is.

      Idaho back then was horrible to women who needed food stamps..the workers made you feel like a whore and treated you like one…it was an ungodly experience to to try and ask for help because the compassion was not there…so not everything was a neat and acceptable as you are stating it is today…I and others were considered only worthy of trash…it was horrible what i saw happen to woman by state workers….horrible…..they made you not even want to have to fill out the paperwork…you were a problem to them…not all was neat and clean and acceptable…..Some of us went through absolute HELL trying to ask for help……

    • Elaine said

      I weep for the children sacrificed but I also weep for the pain and remorse of all the naive parents who got swept up in the trendy freedom of “choice”…….if the word had been what it really is….”death”, there would have much less slaughter. I now refuse to call it “choice” ….it is baby murder and I try to say it often and loud in case a poor young person needs to make a better choice and chooses LIFE! God bless and ease all those who repent!

    • LookingUp said

      I was talking about today.

    • LookingUp said

      There are many women who feel they have no choice – family pressure, boyfriend would leave, no where to go. Some are desperate, some aren’t. It’s not unusual for a woman who has an abortion to get pregnant again soon in an effort to replace the baby they aborted. It’s so sad. When Roe v Wade was constitutionalized, the science of the day was limited as far as ultrasound technology. The pro-aborts could say it was just a blob of tissue and get by with it. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. I’ve always found it interesting that those who are most in favor of killing babies are also the most vocal about saving animals.

    • Claudia said

      I feel your pain, I share it.

      As I read all the posts and all the solutions, I see that none of the solutions will cure the problem. Education will help….life begins at conception. That is the one that I fell for long ago, but it does not take away my selfish act…my choice…my free will…my ignorance. Nor does not at that time having a strong, structured church framework to guide me be an excuse. Again, that was my choice.

      The problem is putting other things above God’s Will. There are many reasons women have abortion. Richard’s wife succumbed to her mother and father’s will….she put that over God’s Will. Their love was more important to her than the life of her baby! Why does scripture teach that no love should be above the love we have for God????? Jesus hung Himself on the cross for us….sacrificed Himself for us. And, He was not a sinner….there was no justifiable shame placed upon Him. Women who have abortions on the most part find the pregnancy to be an inconvenience, or they don’t want to go through the shame of how others may treat them. Most, even if they had a place to go til the babe was born would not want the disruption to their life. They are self centered, not God centered. They don’t want to interrupt their career, their studies. It is a legal choice for them, and they are trained to feel that it is an acceptable solution….like picking out a pair of shoes at a department store. Our welfare system has provided for those who choose to carry their babies now (but there are more done now then ever before), many choose that route as a career! Many women who have abortions are phoney christians who are caught up in the world when it comes to having sex before marriage. Having gotten pregnant they abort so that they are not shamed….if they sleep with men who do not offer marriage. Most all the reasons for getting an abortion are selfish individual choices made by individuals that are caught up in the world, caught up in what the world says is acceptable. The schools they enter support the world view.

      That all Christians could be like Tebo, appears to be….a man who takes his faith seriously. I agree with Darla, in that a Christian should have mercy for repentent sinners and we should help them, and love them through their situation, both for the mother and the future child. There should be a registry within churches of those who are willing to help, of places that are willing to help, but it won’t solve the problem at the core….worship of self over God. Yes…totally….Lookinup…is correct. The churches should be more into physically helping God’s people with their needs, and less focused on building their membership. If they focused on God’s peoples needs, their membership would be increased by God in a supernatural way. All the money that goes for fancy churches and fancy pastor homes, cars, clothes, bands, choirs, decorations, should all be spent on helping God’s people. Such things are of Babylon. Darla should have been able to go to a church established home for the support she needed. The churches inside big cities should offer such shelters. Rural areas should have private homes that are shelters. We could discuss this issue forever, but until individual accountability occurs for standards above their own, or above the worlds, the inndividual will always choose what is best for themselves. The EGO/SIN of the individual is at the core of every corruption upon this earth. Only when our egos choose God’s Will over ours will there be a lasting, forever peace, and even when we make that choice we will continue to stumble and repent from time to time….until we can endure unto the end, when we become like Him. When we are like Him….all of us….than Righteousness will be on earth forever.

    • Darla H. said

      Those are kind words Claudia,

      To get to the core? It is all about helping people get to the foot of the cross..SALVATION and only salvation by the millions will be what changes the standards….we have got to simply get people saved.. to the foot of the cross..then they will have eyes to see with…and a heart that convicts……its all about salvation….

      God bless you Claudia

    • Darla H. said

      You now what is interesting…the bible speaks that we are to offer up “living” sacrifices to God..like praise would be type of ” living” sacrifice..I think it is in the book of Hebrews if I remember right..

      .One day during a deliverance ministry He showed me that a living sacrifice is also “bringing someone before Him who you have just walked through salvation with”….

      How many of us offer up a living sacrifice before God ” One just saved” on any regular basis..by the week? by the month? by the year?…

      .He revealed this to me in my life when ministering in deliverance once..
      He was showing me that I was offering up to Him a LIVING sacrifice “a person being saved” to Him….I cried my eyes out when I got it….

    • richard said

      I appreciate the kind words I was actually nervous to post what I posted.

    • Julie Anna Kehoe said

      I can’t believe this subject came up!
      I saw a baby today while walking to lunch break and started to cry.
      I am still mourning my mistakes from my youth and this conversation came to me
      as a blessing and affirmation of my faith!
      God Bless you all and thank you Lord for giving me peace and
      Blessing me through this blog.

      LA thank you for making this site possible along with God’s guidance!!

      Tried to send a prayer to Pastor Hector but my comment was held in
      Moderation and discarded.

      Lord please Bless Pastor Hector and heal him so he can continue serving
      In Jesus name Amen!

    • Eric W. said

      Blessings and thanks to all of you for these testimonies. :)

  5. Corey said

    PART 4

    (CORRECTION: Part 1 can be read on the December 28, 2012 “The Mayan Hoopla” blog… not the 27th as previously stated.)
    Part 2 can be read on the December 31, 2012 blog
    Part 3 can be read on the January 4, 2013 blog


    Continuing on from part 3… In the summer of 1997, it appeared that the orbit of the comet would take it through or very near the constellation Argo. Argo is depicted as a ship. According to myth, Argo was the ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts on their mystic quest for the Golden Fleece. In his book, Bullinger relates that the story of the Argonauts and their ship has it’s origins in the account of Noah’s Ark! Could it be that this comet – last seen during Noah’s day – was going to pass through the constellation whose origins are based on the flood account?
    Biblical astronomer Bob Wadsworth has stated that not only was Hale-Bobb going to pass through Argo, but in the Northern Hemisphere, it was going to reappear in Argo during the months of September and October! This information is almost too incredible to believe. This biblically historic comet did, in fact, reappear in the constellation Argo – the Ark – around the time that saw the beginning of the Hebrew year 5758 – the season of Noah. Hale-Bopp was a dramatic sign that we are now living in the days of Noah spoken of by the Lord.
    What about Argo? What significance does Argo – the Ark – hold for us as believers? Before the wrath of God was poured out, the Almighty invited righteous Noah and his family into the Ark, the only place of safety. It was the vehicle that God used to deliver them up above the chaos. The very thing that destroyed the world bore Noah and his family upon it’s shoulders, because they had listened and prepared for what was coming.
    Argo is linked to the star Praesaepe, which in Latin is “the manger.” Remember, a cosmic sign heralded the first coming of the Messiah in a manger! Does this most recent cosmic sign portend his return in Glory? Pavo is a not-so-well-known constellation with a connection to Argo. Though not one of the forty-eight principal constellations, it is an ancient constellation, recognized for two to three thousand years. It’s original name refers to Argos the shipbuilder or, as some contend, Noah. For 4,100 of the 4,200 years that Hale-Bopp has been in our solar system, it has been in the constellation of Pavo. Therefore, there can be no doubt about Hale-Bopp’s connection to Noah and the Flood. If that is the case, then there can be no denying what this celestial harbinger is saying: “Jesus is coming soon!” For… as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.” It’s evident from scripture that before the wrath of God is poured out, those who have received Jesus as their savior will be escorted above the chaos and horror of Judgment to come. That does not mean that we should not be as vigilant as Noah. Jesus has told us that there would be signs in the sun, moon and stars. As these signs materialize, we must properly discern their importance. It is evident that Hale-Bopp has returned in 1997 to warn us to be prepared for that promise of deliverance. As these cosmic signs appear to us, we need to heed their message and warn the wicked (the unsaved) to heed their message and escape into the Ark of safety found only in Jesus. They need to be warned that Heaven will not be their future if they reject him.
    At this point I would like everyone reading this to recall the importance of Biblical and historic patterns, as discussed earlier. Recollect how God will use these past events and, in some cases, has ordained that they be used as accurate pictures of future events (Ecclesiastes 3:15). Secondly, be reminded that before God will let anything happen in the earth, he first warns his people (Amos 3:7), and he always confirms his actions in advance with two or more witnesses (Deuteronomy 19:15).
    With this being understood, it’s time to discuss an infamous event from the past, but more importantly, to show that hidden within the history of the event is a probable pattern for America’s future, if not the world. Given that the world is connected to America as the global superpower, so goes America, so goes the world. Furthermore, a story should be interjected at this point to show how God does indeed confirm his word with at least two witnesses. The story of Noah and the Ark is one witness to God’s mercy, his patience and his judgment. Yet, it is a blueprint for the last days, as well. It is the story of how one man built a God-designed ship that afforded no luxuries, only safety from the coming Judgment of God. Sadly, no one trusted in it, yet everyone who got on board was saved. In sharp contrast, the story of the Titanic is the account of a luxury liner designed by the best men shipbuilding had to offer and built by thousands of professionals. It was a ship where no expense was spared. Everyone who could afford it wanted to be on Titanic, and yet when the hour of Judgment came, very few were saved.
    The stories of the Ark and Titanic are two witnesses testifying to this generation of what lies ahead if it fails to repent. Interestingly, just as Hale-Bopp’s starry white glow disappeared from sight in mid-December 1997, theatre marquees across the nation lit up the night skies with the word TITANIC, the story of the infamous WHITE STAR Liner!!
    It is assumed by now that everyone has heard of or seen the Blockbuster movie, TITANIC. You should know that this movie has the distinction of being the top box office hit of all time, after spending several weeks as the number one film in America. After it’s initial release, throngs of people clogged theatres to sit through a three hour film which depicts, in vivid detail, that unforgettable night when the greatest ship of it’s day, carrying a diverse community of more than 2,200 passengers and crew, struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage. Consequently, Americans, young and old alike have been carried away with Titanimania. In light of recent national events, the movie’s timing and America’s infatuation with the story seems prophetic. It is not a coincidence.


    • Corey said

      Hope everyone got the connection of the “white star” company that created Titanic and the “White Star” that lit up the skies called Hale-Bopp previous to the movies release.

  6. Corey said

    I would also note to L.A. If you are of a mind about the above information concerning Hale-Bopp and previous installations of this fantastic story, I would encourage you to install this information in one of your upcoming “Watchers” DVDs, especially considering the upcoming comets that the world is going to see later this year according to NASA. They will be visible to the naked eye and reportedly will be brighter than the moon. What an awesome opportunity to witness to the lost of this world right before Jesus comes. This opportunity to put this startling informtion out there should not go unreported… especially given that the world will be seeing this startling event of the upcoming comets this year with their own eyes and undoubtedly asking many questions and wondering. It will be an event of huge proportions (in my opinion). I do not know at this point what prophetic significance these upcoming comets will have (and what signs and peculiararities) will be given out from them based on where they go. But I’m sure they will be there to be discovered. This is Watchers material to the max (in my opinion)!

    • windsofchange said

      Hey Corey~
      R U writing this article in installments or is it actually posted on someone’s site b/c I see no credits and going through all the diff.dates and comments sections would be difficult.Could U pls.link if possible?
      Thank You~

  7. Richard, if government supported all these pregnancies which end in abortion, we would have yet another increase in government dependency. Abortion should be stopped, but I see no solution unless people stop getting pregnant, which seems to happen often even when people use birth control. There is no “solution” that works. Taking a pregnant woman into your home, as Darla suggests, could work for a few people, not for most, who are already overburdened with having to work and care for families. People in America are often living right on the edge of disaster. So someone might say, “but they had money for Christmas gifts”–yes, for many this Christmas was a last reprieve from what they consider disaster. It certainly was for some I know…a sort of “last Christmas” before all hell would break loose. So I do not blame people for seeking a little worldly joy as the world collapses…would that they could find this joy in Christ, but society works against this knowledge of Christ now.

    I live in an anti-Christ world, do you? I know you do, Richard. Hold hands across the miles.

    • Darla H. said

      Yes but if we believe Gods word then if you were to take in a woman who was pregnant then by His word He word bring blessing into your home which includes finances….we seem to miss the stepping out in faith issue to help a brother or sister…”When you do this unto the least of these you are doing it unto Me”….Taking someone in will bring blessing….His word says it will….

    • Darla H. said

      Christ said..”When I come back will I find faith?” We must take steps of faith because without it is impossible to please Him…that is His word….

    • Claudia said

      That is true Darla, but there are also scriptures regarding not welcoming in your house, or bidding “good will” to those who do not have your doctrine. 2John 1:9-11 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed. For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. That scripture, is one that I know surely applies to preachers of faiths that do not believe in Jesus, but also wonder about who we are to welcome within our home. Pondering on it. We must always seek His Wisdom and not ours.

    • Darla H. said

      Yes Claudia..referring to false teachers…..

    • Darla H. said

      Lost people usually have NO doctrine….”LOST”

    • Claudia said

      That is true, those who are lost hold no doctrine, we should give them one with the example of our love. But there are those who have been acquainted with the doctrine of Christ and they rejected it for another. I wonder if we are to welcome those into our homes?

    • Darla H. said

      Most reject the Gospel because Christians have set a horrible example especially organized religion…when someone has rejected the Gospel for another this is where wisdom comes in from the Lord because now you are up against a “seducing spirit” that has taken this person in bondage…remember there is only one truth..all else is bondage….the Holy Spirit is the one we must ask to help us deal with a “seducing spirit that has blinded the mind” of the person in question.

    • richard said

      Parents pay tens of thousands of dollars to adopt. The government wouldn’t actually have to pay that much.

    • Darla H. said

      There needs to be good, I mean good networking…..no middleman making major dollars….someone connecting pregnant woman to the adopting parents….there is much corruption…I am sure there are a few out there….

  8. Where to begin? At the root of the genocide of legalized abortion or at the very seed?

    The root is the Big Lie. At the point that Christians bought into the language of the rebel angels, the battle was lost. Just like calling illegals “immigrants” instead of “trespassers” or “visitors.” The Big Lie that sears the conscience about abortion is celebrating birthdays instead of conception. Babies should be considered about 9 months old at birth. So the constant propaganda is there — at every birthday — and including christmas. As Christians, the conception of Jesus Christ should mean far more to us than His birth!

    The seed of the problem remains the rebel angels. Not those parents played fools by them. Not the government. The battle can only be won — with Christ — and by spiritual means directed at the real enemy and not their proxies. The solution begins when true Christians make overcoming the legalized murder of babies the first and foremost item on all of our prayers.

    All other issues are eclipsed by the 50+ million babies aborted each year worldwide. Wars, plagues, famines, and all violent crime is trivial in number by comparison.

    30+ years x 50+ million aborted = over 1500 million = 1.5 billion murdered

    There’s no excuse.

    • moonpieeyes said

      Nome, this is the one I was trying to post last night. At about the 12 min mark, is where they discuss the abortion issue.

      Oh, I hope this works!

    • Darla H. said

      Hey moon…
      I woke up laughing today about our conversation last night……:)

    • moonpieeyes said

      Hi Darla, I kinda had the chuckles too. It was about 2:30 am and I was ‘punchy’!

      Hey Nome, maybe that’s why I ‘blew it’ on that vid post! When I read your reply on the ‘bullseye’ part, it reminded me of when I took my first firearm training from the police trainer. I had my Beretta 9mm, 16 round, and commenced firing. I noticed he was at my left side when I began, but had moved behind me. He then said,’ Nice ditch, now try to hit that six foot target in front of you!’. ha ;)

  9. Kristen said

    It breaks my heart every time I hear of a woman aborting her baby. Just knowing it happens every 94 seconds brings me to tears. My husband and I have been trying for another baby for almost 5 years now with no success. We know God is in control. Although there are times the bitterness I feel when someone so carelessly aborts a precious gift from God weighs heavy on my heart. I will continue to pray for more women to make the right choice to not abort. I will pray that more Christians will have the opportunity to reach out to these women and save these precious gifts from God. I pray that God gives me the opportunity to help and save as well.

    • Ally said

      Kristen-I am by no means making light of your pain, desire and suffering! But I become kind of angry, no actually furious, not at you but….
      Maybe you could answer these questions for me, so I could understand more. Why is having a baby so importantto you? Are you unhappy currently? Why, considering how late the hour, would you even want to bring a child into this evil ugly horrible world?
      If you are unhappy, fix it! That is not an innocent childs job, to make YOU happy, our to fulfill yr longing. If caring for another human is your desire, then try foster parenting or adopting ine if the millions of children here who desperately need a home. Some of these kids have ben waiting years!
      Look, I’m not trying to be harsh. I love you and will prsy for you! But it is vitally important to understand your own motivations. And if you won’t consider either if the above options, you probably aren’t a good candidate for becoming a mother.
      Im adopted. And my life was a living hell and still is somewhat due to the horrendous woman that I was placed with! Oh she wanted a baby all right, desperately. Used all the same terms you do. But she had unrealistic expectations, very selfish ones. Babies do not guarentee happiness. They are not toys, they are living breathing beings that cost tins if money, gig up your time andRequire so much stuff you can’t even imagine.
      sorry if I am out of line. But if you can’t answer those questions and ask you can go in is this gimme gimme I want a baby, no bueno!

    • Ally said

      Kristen-I’m so sorry. I dint want my words to hurt you where you are tender and vulnerable. Plesse forgive me! I come from a place if great pain and suffering and am unable to understand why people who want children so bad and can’t have them dont our won’t take those pour kids who ned homes so badly

    • Darla H. said

      I am sorry you have had much pain and I will keep you in prayer :)

  10. Darla H. said


    I pray that God brings life into your womb..life and light and love..in the name of Yeshua/Jesus Christ….

    God bless

  11. @ Richard: Thank you for sharing your story. It took a great deal of courage and you told it clearly.

    People are dismayed that there are so many unwanted babies but haven’t stopped to look at their sexual habits. The lack of self control or discipline towards their bodies, which is the Lord’s holy temple, is being abused through sexual lust.

    I’m often told, “I couldn’t help it, it just happened.” No, folks it doesn’t just happen. Thought went into it and then consentual action and a disregard for the consequences.

    Because otherwise, then it’s rape.

    I’m single and I do not abuse my body. If unwanted sexual thoughts start coming, I’ve learned to “give” it to the Lord. In fact, I once asked the Lord why I was getting so many sexual thoughts and I then understood, these thoughts were coming straight from hell, courtesy of the unholy ones. I’ve recognized the battle and I treat it appropriately by pleading the blood of the lamb daily.

    I’m not trying to be holier than thou, but simply letting others know how I deal with it.

    On the other side of the coin, where men and women choose not to abort but they are unmarried and are unlikely to marry and a child is birthed …

    As a former investigator with the State of Texas, (now retired) I was assigned to the paternity section of the unit. This section dealt with legitimizing children born out of wedlock requiring a parent to pay child support.

    I’ve learned how to deal with the devastation of unhappy relationships from all parties and yes, it does affect the child. However, many choose to accept their responsibilities for their sexual actions and go forward in life.

    Choices other than abortion are out there if one is really looking for an answer.

    Just my point of view.


    • Darla H. said

      Hi seashoremary,

      What you state is true and good….however when a person is unsaved…not knowing the Lord? You cannot just talk to people about sexual habits because it is not sin to them….We must always approach a person first and foremost with the love of the Lord. bringing them with the leading of the Holy Spirit into salvation then we can help explain the “sin”.with the Holy Spirit convicting…Unsaved people do not consider having sex with the one they love sin let alone possibly many partners……They will only see sin for what it is when the Holy Spirit is present in their lives…thus salvation first and foremost. We must start teaching people once they are saved ( because this does open eyes) that the Holy Spirit does truly change us from the inside out if we allow Him to…..It is very important that we teach the practical application of the Holy Spirit healing and restoring us from the inside out…this is why I am excited for what LA will be speaking about in the coming weeks…God working on the inside of us to change us more into His image with the help of the “gifts” given to the body to operate in them.

      God Bless

    • Claudia said

      Yes, many are ignorant of what sin is, which supports Christians standing up and closing the avenues of sin within our country. Something that they did not do. The Islams have done a better job than we have in that area. America followed the route of freedom and self endulgence…..there is no way around that fact. We rejected the ways of our fathers.

  12. Darla H. said

    Everything we speak about here always goes back to the foot of the cross…salvation

  13. moonpieeyes said

    I know this is off topic today, but LA has talked about the purchase of silver before. So I just wanted to share info.

  14. Darla H. said

    per yesterday this just in:

    The White House has responded to a petition calling for CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported for criticizing U.S. gun policy, and long story short: Morgan isn’t going anywhere.
    In a post entitled, “When Discussing the Second Amendment, Keep the First in Mind Too,” White House press secretary tactfully tells Morgan’s critics that the U.S. doesn’t plan to act on their petition.

    “Let’s not let arguments over the Constitution’s Second Amendment violate the spirit of its First. President Obama believes that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms. However, the Constitution not only guarantees an individual right to bear arms, but also enshrines the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press — fundamental principles that are essential to our democracy,”

    Why did the White House bother responding to the petition to deport Morgan? Because it promised it would. The White House has created a new position on its website where people can petition the president about anything. Obama agreed to respond to petitions garnering at least 25,000 signatures, and the Morgan petition drew four times that many.

    Morgan, who is British, repeatedly criticized U.S. gun policies after the mass shootings in Newtown, Conn. At one point he called a gun-rights advocate an “unbelievably stupid man.”
    The White House statement stresses that people are free to disagree without fear of deportation.
    “Americans may disagree on matters of public policy and express those disagreements vigorously, but no one should be punished by the government simply because he or she expressed a view on the Second Amendment — or any other matter of public concern,” Carney wrote.

    • Darla H. said

      Interestingly enough….then why will US citizens be hauled off in FEMA cars chained in the near future if we express ourselves….dissent?

    • Darla H. said

      Oh I see..free to disagree (people)and not worry about “deportation”…they can draw and quarter us though…ok i get it :)

    • moonpieeyes said

      I posted something along this line on the blog yesterday, when I received an e-mail in reply to my petition. It basically says that people who are AGAINST the Constitution have more rights than those who Believe in the Constitution as a whole. My petition mainly concerned the Second Amendment.
      Many states are filing legislation that supports and enforces their rights apart from the Feds.
      The Feds as usual, are practicing ‘selective enforcement’ to suit their agenda.

    • Darla H. said

      I guess I was busy laughing and missed that post or something..You posted a petition? gee how did I miss that moon….got talking about warfare and missed it..The info I posted just came over the wire like 20 minutes before I posted it so I thought I would put it up….We need to quote Carney when we are being chained FEMA cars…..( I rebuke that statement by the way….no sense cursing myself) :)

    • Matt said

      If Piers Morgan is to be deported for anything it should be for that rug he wears on his head, not for his opinion on gun control. Some nights it looks as if a tarantula is sitting on top of his head.

  15. James said

    Almost 334,000 baby murders is an atrocity. If the churches had not sold their souls by taking those 501(c)3′s tax exempt status. The church could have prevented Roe v. Wade and this genocide. Of course they followed in the error of balaam and went on the pay roll of the government. According to the FBI top 10 deaths only one number is higher than that a half a million from tobacco related deaths. The number 2 and number 3 spots combine on that same list would come close to the abortion rate. Number 2 at 195,000 is medical errors and number 3 unintentional accidents is 118,021, if you combined medical errors or as I like to call it death by doctor and the deaths by unintentional accidents that number is 313,021 still less than the babies murdered. I have the stats posted from a reblog I did on my blog. Interestingly enough only 11,493 people died from gun shot wounds. You are in far greater danger if you go to a doctor’s office or driving in a car than you are of being shot at the mall. Then again you are in far greater danger in the womb than than almost anywhere else. There was a billboard that was forced down in New York City a while back that was pro-life and mentioned the most dangerous place for minorities was in the womb. It was so true. Yet most people screamed racism because they did not want to face the dirty truth. I wish you all the best, take care and God bless. I have to log out. It may be a few days to before I can get back on but then again I might be back on tonight.

  16. Apostle Paul said

    Did anyone hear the coast to coast AM radio show last night? I think they’ve reached a new low. (The previous low being the George Norey love-fest non-stop 3 hours of congratulations just a few days earlier.)
    This one featured an electronically manipulated voice of some sort of alien- possessed man. I mean, he was talking to the audience in real time. But the funny thing was, the voice was so distorted they had to cut away and come back with a more intelligible voice after a commercial break.
    And to think people believe this stuff and eat it up.
    The show’s host was John Wells, the dimmest of the host bulbs out there.
    Lord, have mercy.

    • Darla H. said

      the guest asked to have his voice altered…Wells could hear him fine but none of us could so they went to the other guest….I fell alseep but caught some of the first part…It was the first time they used the voice altering machine and it was not working correctly….

    • Claudia said

      It was a trash show. I get their newsletter and went to the site of the guests, and it was totally trash….”other doctrine” stuff. I happened to wake up too, and listened to some of it before falling back to sleep. With Coast to Coast you get the bad along with the good. It is all “Watching”! ;-)
      Got to keep up with what the dark one is spawning also.

    • Apostle Paul said

      Yeah, I only listen because I usually wake up around 2 or so. Takes me another hour to fall back asleep. But those two guys (Cobra and his partner) were so over the top. Talking about doing yoga at the Great Pyramid, complaining about some “rich American” who had access to the Pyramid on the 20th of December. Frankly, I’m surprised anyone has the guts to even travel in Egypt these days.

    • Matt said

      Oh Man, this post made me laugh. John B Wells, the man who is in love with his own voice. What’s so funny is Noory is adamant about no political discussions on the show, then in the next breath he says, coming up tomorrow night; John B Wells will have on (fill in the political stiff here) Bashing the government is right in this old hippies wheel house. Noory is either deaf or doesn’t seem to care, that said, I like John B, he might get a little carried away his conspiracy shows, but they are good for a laugh. I think he was a Rock and Roll DJ at some Dallas radio station in the past. His bio reads like a James Bond novel, kung-fu expert, scuba instructor, pilot, wine connoisseur, horse whisperer, and voice over for Scooby-Do cartoons, and jeepers that’s the one I’m most impressed with .Lets face it, the show has drifted so far off what it was originally intended to be since Art Bell left and Noory took over its not even funny. Noory has certainly put his personal stamp on the show. I’m my opinion; Noory’s personality over the air comes across like a stale Cheeto. Not bad in a pinch but you would rather have something else.

    • Matt said

      Apostle Paul your post and comments on the Coast to Coast talent is hilarious. You need to post more often.

  17. Eric W. said

  18. Mrs M said

    Off subject: dutchsinse is proving tweets sent BEFORE sandy hook regarding the victims of sandy hook incident BEFORE it ever took place! You can’t change a tweet. Only delete them as they did after they were found out. Check out his youtube page.

    • moonpieeyes said

      Mrs M,
      I posted this clip a few weeks ago. Most have been removed that have recorded police audio. Intel hub has a whole piece on this. Including several pages for the victims set up before 12/14. The ‘official’ 2 hour police/first responder Radio reference live feed has been hidden, but many recorded the live feed on their own devices. The actual feed starts about the 3 min mark.
      The girl who was supposedly killed in the Gabby Gifford shooting, has been seen in pics and video posted by friends and family, now going by the last name ‘Sexton’, living in Florida.
      There is absolutely nothing Satan’s servants won’t do.

    • moonpieeyes said

  19. Darla H. said

    Anybody have prayer request?.

    Sorry I have been waiting to start new job so I have obviously been on here a lot..soon you will not see me as often….:)

  20. Matt said

    The Washington National Cathedral, where the nation gathers to mourn tragedies and celebrate new presidents, will soon begin performing homosexual “marriages.”

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
    And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;

  21. Lisa said

    Hi L.A..
    I was wondering if anyone is talking about, or if The Lord has spoken to you concerning the asteroid that will be flying over all of our heads tomorrow?
    I feel in my spirit that there is meaning, as it’s name is *Apophis*.
    Apophis was/is the ancient Egyptian god of *darkness and chaos*!

    With all that is happening in the world, and the door that was opened on election night (so many of us felt this door open and the terrible, evil shift of the spiritual atmosphere), I really feel that this is important.

    I just wanted to share this info. with you, and thank you for all that you do.
    God bless you and yours greatly in Jesus’ name :)

  22. “Don’t take no wooden nickels.”

    For those whose duty is to uphold the law
    - that cheat, take shortcuts, find loopholes,
    - and look for ways around the law
    - like redefining words used to make the law
    - who undermine and tear down the law
    - through decriminalization, legalization of crime, and selective enforcement
    - and by redirecting fees and taxes away from their intent
    - especially to service debt and and speculation…

    These are criminals, rebels, and destroyers
    - who are not only guilty of treason
    - deserving of impeachment and imprisonment
    - but are fools that do not understand they are being used
    - to tear down their own authority
    - and everything they claim to have worked for
    - in human rights, civil rights, workers rights, product safety, the environment
    - and especially public safety and defense

    Don’t be fooled by those that seek to mint wooden nickels.

  23. Another example of the Big Lie — the oath of office.
    A religious ritual for political purposes…

    Clearly neither Obama nor Biden read their Bibles nor believe what Christ has so plainly said:

    Matthew 5
    33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time,
    Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths:
    34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all;
    neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne:
    35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool:
    neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.
    36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head,
    because thou canst not make one hair white or black.
    37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay:
    for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil

    (…which likewise applies to any oath to protect or defend the constitution.)

  24. And thank you to those that have actually experienced stepping into the ring with the devil and speaking of it to others. Some keep their heads down too much perhaps they are afraid to get into the ring at all . There are many chapters dedicated to spiritual warfare though it all goes back to genesis and ends in revelation. I am not afraid to fight i came to warn and warn i shall even though it has cost me more than my weary self can sometimes bare.

  25. Darla H. said

    r u speaking of yesterday?

  26. Matt said

    Problem is some come to fight without the right weapons and leave with their tail tucked betweens their legs. Warfare with demons and evil entities is no joke. If someone is a poser Christian, or weekend warrior, (Unfortunately, the so-called church in America is plagued with this disease) you will literally get stomped into the ground, It takes fasting, praying in the spirit and a life free of sin and forgiveness. Religious talk and religious rituals will only get someone hurt very seriously. I should know, I had a life changing experience with an evil shadow entity. Sometimes there was one, other times there would be two or more. I can’t explain it, but I would always be locked in a “battle of wills” against these creatures or whatever they are. I felt like if I yielded or lost, then my soul would be taken to hell or an eternally evil place with no hope of escape.
    Acts 19:15-17
    And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.

  27. Ally said

    This is probably incredibly stupid if me, but when I get scared and I’ve prayed and the ugly things are stil there I make up a little song, very freeform and it contains somethings like this. “where you you want to go? Lake of fire our the deep abyss? deep abyss deep abyss. I’m covered in the blood, don’t forget, I won’t fret. And if you don’t leave right now, I’m calling some people that you know,who can give you a little deep abyss show” like Russ Dizdar, Doug Hamp and I’m calling on Jesus to kick your butt. Etc.
    And yes, those critters are quite dangerous. I’m currently moving into a house thats ful if them unfortunately. But its my only option, other than my car. :( im pretty sure its some kind of portal there. 300 year old house, edge if civil war battlefield, used as a hospital etc very very very scary! Last time I lived there I had to battle almost daily. And hatred being there alone. Its not just like you can”feel” them, you can hear them and and I’ve seen them more than once. Ugh.

  28. Matt said

    Not quite top 40, but I like it. Has a certain ring to it. I wouldn’t change a thing except maybe change the names around a bit.Instead of using Russ Dizdar, Doug Hamp, I would use Mike Murdock and Benny Hinn, and if things get really ugly possibly Paul Crouch.

  29. And for those creatures that are blind, deaf, dumb, or do not understand human communication…
    - that only come out through prayer and fasting
    - or only sense the authority of Christ through the sign of oil as the anointing

    There’s still the prayers of agreement, whereby 2 of the saved put 10,000 to flight.
    Or the remission of sins, binding and losing with the authority we’re given.
    Or cleansing the ground from blood curses.
    Or like with Daniel calling that Holy angels be sent to deal with the rebels.

    All with Christ, since without Him we can do nothing.

    See here Ally…

    And yes, of course, ask Russ, Richard, and LA. for help. Especially if you don’t want to share the location publicly here. Recalling of course that they were told to stay away from the mexico trip at least for a time. So dealing with your location may likewise require the proper coordination of forces. Which means that the next step may be to have intelligence gathered and research done about the location and the situation.

    I’ve added my prayer and voice. Not in the least to increase your Armor. Recall that Daniel was heard but still had to wait in a situation where he could not vacate.

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